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Rhode Island College adopted the Department of Administration Teleworking Policy as a temporary measure to address the Governor's recommendation that an option to work from home, where feasible, be allowed.

A teleworking arrangement allows an employee to perform the essential functions of their job from an alternate work location.

Employees must have been in their current positions for at least six (6) months, demonstrate satisfactory performance, have no record of discipline within the past twelve (12) months and demonstrate self-motivation, self-discipline, an ability to work independently and meets or exceeds deadlines. Job duties that require independent work, infrequent office-based face-to-face interaction and have defined tasks are typically best suited for telework. It is recommended you discuss the suitability of teleworking with your supervisor.

Yes. The teleworking restrictions for new employees have been temporarily waived. Please discuss with your supervisor to determine if teleworking is suitable for you.

An approved work site other than the employee’s principal office/work station location where official RIC business is performed. Such locations may include, but are not limited to, employee’s homes or satellite offices.

Applications are currently being accepted.

A Telework arrangement may not begin prior to completing and receiving express approval by the appropriate administrators (Director, AVP or VP and Director of HR) via the appropriately completed Teleworking Request Form and Teleworking Agreement.

Yes. Any arrangement to work remotely prior to submitting and receiving express approval via a completed “Telework Request Form” or “Telework Agreement” is deemed unofficial. Employees may be required to stop any such arrangement until the required application is received and approved.

The length of the teleworking arrangement is temporary and will be approved for the length of time indicated on the “Teleworking Agreement,” but in any case may not continue for more than 12 months.

Yes. Teleworking is not an entitlement or employee right. Teleworking arrangements are approved on a case-by-case basis. Employees on a Teleworking arrangement are required to adhere to all terms and conditions of the Teleworking Policy and all state and RIC policies, practices, rules and procedures as if the employee is working on-site at RIC. Further, employee participation is voluntary, therefore, the employee, director or authorized official may terminate the Teleworking arrangement at any time and for any reason, with or without cause, with advance notice where feasible.

Employees are responsible for providing and maintaining their own workspace furniture, equipment, telephone lines and internet services, including all expenses related thereto.

Employees that wish to be considered for teleworking must complete and submit a formal request using the Teleworking Request Form and Teleworking Agreement. The completed forms are submitted to your direct supervisor for review. Your supervisor will coordinate the review of the formal request with the appropriate RIC administrators and HR.

The “Teleworking Policy”, “Teleworking Request Form” and “Teleworking Agreement” are available on the Office of Human Resources Web site at: or on this website at

Page last updated: August 31, 2020