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Spring 2021 Theatre Events

image for Barbeque

Theatre: RIC Mainstage Theatre
Barbecue Robert O’Hara

Directed by Aaron Andrade

Streaming April 16-18
Tickets will be free!

In Barbecue we meet Barbara, “a crackhead, alcoholic ho” and her family with their many, many vices trying to perform an intervention on her. Barbara’s story is presented to you through multiple lenses of truth. As a narrator, Barbara is less than reliable. As a person she’s more than just troubled. But she has a gift; one many of us have but deny… She’s a damn good liar. She can spin a believable yarn like most addicts, but her sights are set a little higher than her next fix. In her “memoirs” presented here, you will find shades of the tragic life of Whitney Houston, James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces, and a lesbian “sanga” too afraid to come out to her fans, because she’s just not famous enough to be honest with them . There’s a lot of truth in this story, maybe too much. And that truth, like all truth, may be much more subjective than we have hoped.

This show is intended for mature audiences only and contains adult language, references to drug use, and depictions of addiction.

image for 26 Pebbles

Theatre: RIC Growing Stage
26 Pebbles by Eric Ulloa

Directed by Rachel Terrceira

Streaming May 7-9
Tickets will be free!

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed twenty-six innocent souls before taking his own life. These twenty-six innocent deaths, like pebbles thrown into a pond, created ripples and vibrations that were felt far beyond the initial rings. This is the story of those vibrations.

Similar in style to The Laramie Project, playwright Eric Ulloa conducted interviews with members of the community in Newtown and crafted them into an exploration of gun violence and a small town shaken by a horrific event.

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