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Peer Tutor Position


General Job Description:

Rhode Island College provides tutoring services and support to students in a number of different disciplines across campus. Tutors are available to meet with students in tutorial settings to help them identify learning needs, develop strategies that will result in effective study habits, and build successful techniques for continued progress and excellence in their studies. Tutoring is free to Rhode Island College students in general education courses.

How to Apply:

Students interested in becoming a subject tutor must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and B+ in the subject tutoring area. They are welcome to apply to the tutoring program in one of two ways: by requesting a recommendation from the subject department chairperson or faculty, or through the Handshake option in the Career Development Center at RIC.

It is preferable that tutors have the knowledge and experience needed to communicate effectively on various online platforms in situations where tutoring takes place remotely.

Attendance at tutor training will require an advance meeting with the coordinator of program to review the description and qualifications of the tutor position. Continued satisfactory evaluations in the department are required. Bi-weekly meetings with the coordinator and monthly meetings with other subject tutors will provide additional training and support.

Tutor Requirements:

  • Mandatory tutor training
  • Completion of student employee paperwork
  • Schedule of tutoring hours
  • Tracking of appointments
  • Submit time sheet every 2 weeks, signed by supervisor

Tutor Duties and Responsibilities in Tutorial Sessions:

  • Review materials ahead of time to prepare for tutoring session
  • Be on time and professional
  • Maintain safe and secure learning environment
  • Greet tutees with warmth and respect – reference syllabus regarding assignment
  • Listen attentively – keep conversations confidential
  • Use scaffolding to focus on appropriate place to start
  • Pause occasionally to assess tutee’s ability to understand material in real time
  • Reinforce / encourage learning
  • Develop a plan for ways the tutee will continue work on the subject going forward

Page last updated: July 02, 2020