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Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success (SAILS)

What is SAILS

The SAILS (Early Alert) program at RIC is a systematic and collaborative effort between faculty and staff designed to improve the rate of student academic success. The goal of SAILS is to promote and increase academic persistence, retention and success by intervening early in the semester with students who are demonstrating behaviors that are likely to result in poor performance in their classes. Identification and referral of students who are struggling in their courses in the first weeks of the semester may help them connect with services that can support their academic needs and at times their personal lives as well.

Issues that SAILS can Support

  • Uneven attendance and/or punctuality
  • Limited classroom participation (disengaged)
  • Students not using Blackboard and/or RIC email
  • Missing assignments or low scores on graded work
  • Inappropriate classroom behavior (inconsiderate, use of cellphones, etc.)
  • Inadequate preparation for class meetings
  • Lacking necessary skill sets for course (e.g. math, writing, and/or reading skills)
  • Personal issues (time management, job related, financial concerns, family obligations)

The Process

Instructors refer students to SAILS through the use of the simple online form below. All information will be handled confidentially. Upon submitting the form to OASIS, the referring faculty member will receive a confirmation that the form has been received.  Once a student is identified, OASIS staff will initiate outreach to the student to schedule an appointment in OASIS with a SAILS Navigator to discuss the concerns expressed by the faculty member and to develop a plan of action. As part of that plan, the Navigator may refer students to other campus offices as appropriate. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility to follow up and take advantage of the resources and referrals made available to them.

Page last updated: September 28, 2020