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Portuguese Self Assessment Test

The Portuguese Difference

Do you have some knowledge of Portuguese? Whether you took classes in High School, or grew up in a Portuguese-speaking household, expanding your current knowledge of Portuguese gives you an opportunity to develop an academic and professional strategy at RIC that will make you stand out in your future career(s).

The Portuguese Self-Assessment Test provides you with feedback on your proficiency in Portuguese and helps you plan for your course enrollment at Rhode Island College. It can also be useful for thinking about how easy it might be to pursue a minor or major in Portuguese. If you understand spoken Portuguese and are disappointed with your score, it only means that you need more exposure to the written usage of Portuguese.

The Portuguese Self-Assessment Test assumes that you have had some prior instruction in Portuguese or have been exposed to the Portuguese language to an extent that PORT 102 or above will be in your best interest. It is not intended for credit or testing out of the Second Language Milestone requirement of General Education.

Note that PORT 115: Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World fulfills two Gen Ed Requirements: the Second Language Milestone Requirement and the Literature Requirement. PORT 115 also counts for the Portuguese Minor (learn more about minoring in Portuguese here)!

Are you curious to see where you would place? The Portuguese Self Assessment Test is free for RIC students.

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Page last updated: August 18, 2020