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Honors, Scholarships, Awards


Rhode Island College Sigma Chapter of Phi Lambda Beta Portuguese Honor Society is an auxiliary of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). The purpose of this society is to reward outstanding achievement in the field of Portuguese language and Portuguese, Brazilian, African Lusophone cultures and literatures and their diaspora. Phi Lambda Beta is an exclusive National Portuguese Honor Society and has chapters in most major Colleges and Universities in the US that offer academic programs and degrees in Portuguese, Brazilian and African Lusophone Studies.

Active members of the Sigma Chapter of Phi Lambda Beta Portuguese Honor Society are Rhode Island College students who are nominated on the basis of high scholarship in the Portuguese Studies Program. High Scholarship is defined at a minimum of 3.25 GPA in Portuguese courses and a minimum of 3.0 CGPA (on a 4.00 scale); a minimum of three years of college Portuguese or the equivalent; and a minimum of one course in literature in the Portuguese Studies Program in the Modern Languages Department at Rhode Island College.

Honorary, Associate and Alumni membership shall also be attributed to persons - faculty members, community members, RIC alumni - who have demonstrated through scholarship, teaching and / or service, that they are earnestly interested in the promotion of the Portuguese language and Portuguese, Brazilian and African Lusophone Studies and their diaspora at Rhode Island College.

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Sílvia Oliveira

Portuguese Honor Society 2019:

Portuguese Honor Society 2019

Guilhermina da Silva: Nursing Major, Portuguese Minor
Ms. Isabel Claro and Dr. Marlene Lopes: Honorary members​

Portuguese Honor Society 2018:

Portuguese Honor Society 2018

David and Marie Fraley: Honorary members
Uzziel Gomez: Nursing Major, Portuguese Minor
Kasey Jeronimo: Modern Languages-Portuguese

2017 Student Inductees:

2017 Student Inductees

Sabrina Brum: Modern Languages-Spanish; Portuguese Minor
Sweila Cardoso: Youth Development; Portuguese Minor
Nélida Silva: Management; Portuguese Minor

2016 Student Inductees:

2016 Student Inductees

Ryan Viveiros: Biology; Portuguese Minor
Wilma Varela: Nursing IM; Portuguese Minor
Karen Ramirez: Secondary Education; Portuguese Minor
Marcia Ramos: Modern Languages - Portuguese Concentration
Lelia Noble: Modern Languages - Portuguese Concentration

2015 Student Inductees:

2015 Student Inductees

Sandra Semedo, Health Care Administration; Portuguese Minor
Christine Meirinho, Modern Languages/Portuguese, Masters At Teaching
Bianca Barros, Nursing; Portuguese Minor
Honorary members:
Dr. Onésimo T. Almeida
Dr. Alice Clemente
Daniel DaPonte

2014 Student Inductees:

Bruno Ramos, Biology; Portuguese Minor
Denise DePina, Nursing; Portuguese Minor
Justin Soares, History; Anthropology; Portuguese Minor
Honorary members:
Leonel Teixeira, Vice-Consul of Portugal in Providence (ret.)
Paulo Silva, IPLWS Community Board Member
Dr. Peter Mendy, Professor of History and African Studies, Rhode Island College

2013 Student Inductees:

Liana Viveiros, Elementary Education - Concentration Portuguese; Middle School Endorsement
Stacey Saraiva, Health Care Administration; Portuguese Minor
Carlos Neves, Elementary Education - Concentration Mathematics; Middle School Endorsement; Portuguese Minor
Filipe Fernandes, Musical Theater; Portuguese Minor
Vanessa Branco, Nursing; Portuguese Minor; Psychology Minor
Christopher Barbosa, Secondary Education - Concentration Portuguese; Spanish Minor


John A. And Mary V. Lima Memorial Scholarship In Portuguese Studies ($2,000):

  • Uzziel Gomez, Nursing/Portuguese Minor (2019)
  • Shayne Dias, Social Work/Portuguese Minor (2019)
  • Joshua Abreu, World Languages Education-Portuguese; Spanish minor (2019)
  • Kassandra do Rosario, double major: Justice Studies and Modern Languages-Portuguese (2018)​
  • Sabrina Brum: Modern Languages - Spanish; Portuguese Minor (2017)
  • Nelida Silva: Management; Portuguese Minor (2017)
  • Lelia Noble: Modern Languages-Portuguese (2016)
  • Ryan Viveiros, Biology; Portuguese Minor (2015)
  • Sandra Semedo, Health Care Administration; Portuguese Minor (2015)
  • Christopher Barbosa, Secondary Education/Portuguese; Spanish Minor (2014)
  • Bruno Ramos, Biology; Portuguese Minor (2014)
  • Carlos Neves, Elementary Education/Mathematics; Portuguese Minor (2013)
  • Liana Viveiros, Elementary Education/Portuguese (2013)
  • Justin Soares, Anthropology/History; Portuguese Minor (2012)

Summer Study Abroad 2012 at the University of the Azores, sponsored by the IPLWS: Christopher Barbosa, Vanessa Branco, Kristen Cortes, Filipe Fernandes, Christine Meirinho, Steven Morais, Stacey Saraiva, Justin Soares.


Prémio em Estudos Portugueses sponsored by the IPLWS for best graduating major in Portuguese Studies ($200)

  • Kasey Jeronimo: Modern Languages-Portuguese (2019)
  • Lelia Noble: Modern Languages - Portuguese; Biology Minor (2017)
  • Christopher Barbosa, Secondary Education/Portuguese; Spanish Minor (2015)
  • Liana Viveiros, Elementary Education/Portuguese (2014)
  • Loureana Soares, Secondary Education/Portuguese/Spanish (2012)​​​​​​​​​​

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