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Alan Pickart

Roberts Hall (R) 219
(401) 456-9516

Academic Background

B.F.A. University of Florida
M.F.A. University of South Carolina

Courses Taught

Lighting - Rabbit Hole
Lighting Designer -Hair
Lighting Designer-RIC Mainstage
Scene Designer - RIC Mainstage
Scenery - Angels
Set Designer - Anna in the Tro
Set Designer - Lost in Yonkers
Sound Design-Dance Productions
Sound Designer - Hair
Sound Designer - Yonkers
Sound Design-RIC Mainstage #2
Sound Design-RIC Mainstge #1
Sound Mentor - Rabbit Hole
Technical Director
Technical Director - Mainstage
Sound Designer - Mainstage
THTR 231 Scenography
THTR 378 Theatre Production
THTR 380 Workshop
THTR 412 Scene Design For The Theatre
THTR 415 Lighting For Theatre And Dance
THTR 478 Theatre Production
THTR 490 Independent Study
THTR 491 Special Problems in Theatre
THTR 612 Professional Theatre Production I

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