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Program / Learning Goals

Dance Performance Program Goals

  1. Students will demonstrate substantial facility within a diverse range of dance styles and techniques
  2. Students will demonstrate sophistication with, and control of, performance dynamics in a wide range of formal and informal performance events.
  3. Students will demonstrate facility with improvisational choreography and compositional conventions in the creation of original dance works.
  4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of, and facility for, historical and theoretical inquiry in dance including its interrelatedness to various other cultural influences and forms of cultural production.
  5. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of interrelatedness of allied disciplines that enhance dance creation and performance
  6. Students will demonstrate responsibility for support of ensemble management and ensemble productions

Music Program Goals

  1. To prepare students to perform at a professional level, successfully compete in their chosen professional fields, and to pursue advanced graduate studies.
  2. To prepare highly qualified and skilled music educators to serve the public and private schools, to engage their own students, and to assume leadership roles in their professional associations.
  3. To encourage intellectual and creative expressions through research and musical scholarship.
  4. To educate non-music majors in ways that enrich, enlighten, and encourage the development of their own musical expression and appreciation.
  5. To produce concerts and other musical events of the highest quality for Rhode Island College and the community.
  6. To provide an environment which encourages and supports faculty development through research and creative activity.
  7. To cultivate arts audiences of the future.

Theatre Program Goals

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the role theatre plays in the community, the professional arena, and to the individual.
  2. Students will demonstrate a fundamental understanding of collaborative issues as they relate to play production.
  3. Students will demonstrate a basic knowledge of the varied disciplines in the theatre and an understanding of their inherent interconnectedness.
  4. Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively complete production specific problem solving in varied disciplines.
  5. Students will develop skills concentrating on more specific fields of study to prepare for future academic and professional growth.​

Page last updated: March 03, 2020