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Theatre Program

The Magic of Theatre

The magic of theatre requires a special formula: one that combines creativity with the dedication of actors, directors and designers who have spent many years perfecting their art. If you're interested in entering the exciting world of theatre, you need to prepare. And Rhode Island College is an excellent place to begin that preparation.

Here you will join an active community where faculty and students share enthusiasm for theatre both on stage and in the classroom. You will find a supportive environment, yet you will also face challenges designed to develop your abilities and stretch your talents.

The Bachelor of Arts program in theatre offers concentrations in performance, in design/technical theatre, and in musical theatre, and in general theatre. Also, through the individualized master's degree program at the College, it is possible to do graduate work individually or in conjunction with the Trinity Rep Conservatory program.

For those who possess special abilities, talent awards are available. The College also offers a generous program of need-based financial assistance. In addition, employment opportunities are available at the College for work backstage, in the costume shop, or in the box office.

On Stage and Behind the Scenes

If you seek the challenge and exhilaration of appearing on stage, then look into the performance or the musical theatre concentration. The performance concentration will give you practice in a great variety of acting styles, ranging from Greek tragedy and Restoration comedy to melodrama and psychological realism.

Should you prefer Stephen Sondheim and Cole Porter, you will be pleased to know that Rhode Island College offers the only program in musical theatre in Southeastern new England. The musical theatre concentration includes courses in music theory, singing, and dance, to provide training in all the skills needed for success in this ever-popular field.

One way to sharpen movement skills for acting is through the study of dance. Students in the performance areas should be aware that Rhode Island College offers a minor in dance and sponsors a highly respected dance company.

The technical staff for theatrical productions may not appear on stage, but their presence is certainly evident. Without their expertise in the areas of lighting, costume, makeup, and set design, the magic of theatre would disappear. If you are interested in making the magic happen from behind the scenes, you should consider the concentration in design/technical theatre.

"Rhode Island College gave me what other theatre schools could not--the opportunity to become immediately involved in theatre as a freshman, not only through production experience but also through the many job opportunities offered in the field."

Susan Moniz
Class of '91

A Wealth Of Performance And Production Experience

The Rhode Island College Theatre stages four major productions annually, giving you an excellent chance to perform and to work in the technical areas. In recent years, the College theatre company has presented such classics as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Importance of Being Earnest, The Glass Menagerie, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Waiting for Godot and Guys and Dolls. For those who want more independent experience, there is The Growing Stage, a student-run theatre group.

In addition, you will have special opportunities to participate in internship programs in professional theatres. Each year many students work alongside actors, directors, and managers of companies such as the Trinity Repertory Company and Looking Glass Theatre.

A Professionally Active Faculty

At Rhode Island College you will study with a faculty whose strong dedication to teaching goes hand in hand with professional theatre activity. Our faculty members have worked with respected theatre companies such as Trinity Rep, Boston Opera Company, and the Guthrie Theatre, and have performed at international theatre festivals. The American College Theatre Festival, the New England Theatre Conference, and other organizations are representative of their professional affiliations.

Great Guest Performances

To increase your exposure to excellence in theatre, prominent figures and ensembles are regularly brought to campus. Among Them have been the Negro Ensemble Company, the National Theatre for the Deaf, and Agnes de Mille, the original choreographer of Oklahoma!

A Record of Success

You may excel in the world of theatre while enrolled at the College. One of our students was the national award- winner in costume design at the American College Theatre Festival. A play written by a Rhode Island College student, Mindbender, was staged at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Our graduates have appeared in many prominent roles: on stage, in the current production of Anything Goes at Lincoln Center; on television, in "Murphy's Law" and in "Spencer: For Hire"; and behind the scenes as resident lighting designer at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

But acting and technical work are only two areas of career opportunity open to theatre graduates. Other possibilities include theatre management, teaching, and arts administration.

Your Passport to the Stage

If you are looking for a challenging and supportive environment in which to develop your artistic talents, take a close look at Rhode Island College. Visit our campus and talk with an admissions officer or a member of the theatre faculty.

For an appointment call or email:

Office of Admissions
Forman Center
Rhode Island College
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 456-8234


Alan Pickart
The Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Rhode Island College
Providence, RI 02908
(401) 456-9616

William Wilson
The Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Rhode Island College
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