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Music Faculty Mission Statement

The Music Faculty, within the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance, offers a comprehensive program of instruction and performance to students who pursue a variety of goals. The Faculty seeks to educate students to participate in the rich traditions of our diverse musical cultures. It strives to teach students to share the excitement of music as an art and to appreciate and defend the highest artistic goals.


  1. To prepare students to perform at a professional level, successfully compete in their chosen professional fields, and to pursue advanced graduate studies.
  2. To prepare highly qualified and skilled music educators to serve the public and private schools, to engage their own students, and to assume leadership roles in their professional associations.
  3. To encourage intellectual and creative expressions through research and musical scholarship.
  4. To educate non-music majors in ways that enrich, enlighten, and encourage the development of their own musical expression and appreciation.
  5. To produce concerts and other musical events of the highest quality for Rhode Island College and the community.
  6. To provide an environment which encourages and supports faculty development through research and creative activity.
  7. To cultivate arts audiences of the future.


In order to achieve these goals, the following specific objectives are continuously sought:
  1. To maintain enrollments at both graduate and undergraduate levels sufficient to populate ensembles and courses.
  2. To improve overall performance quality of incoming students through recruiting and audition standards.
  3. To constantly examine the success of each element of the curriculum and revise as appropriate.
  4. To maintain a high level of visibility in the local and regional music community.
  5. To provide leadership and support for professional associations in the state and region.​

Page last updated: November 13, 2015