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Double Major Option

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School districts in Rhode Island and across the country prefer to hire teacher candidates that have student teaching experience and certification in both Health Education and Physical Education. The Health and Physical Education department at Rhode Island College has created an option of combining two single majors, Health Education and Physical Education, into a double major option. The B.S. in Health and Physical Education is a very popular program! Teacher candidates can earn a B.S. in both disciplines in five years or less! This uniquely designed program offers courses in health content, motor and skill development, physical education skills, health skills and more. Teacher candidates develop their pedagogical skills through a variety of practicum an​d student teaching at the primary level and secondary level in both disciplines. Teacher candidates interact with school children of all ages and abilities in over a dozen different courses during the program, starting in their first year at RIC and continuing throughout the program, thus providing teacher candidates with authentic learning early and often. Rhode Island Initial Teacher Certification is earned in both disciplines. The RIC HPE program is a leader in the field of HPE teacher preparation.​​​​​

Page last updated: January 13, 2020