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Health and Physical Education Department
Coaching Minor

The coaching minor will be open to all students regardless of major.  The minor in coaching will give students an opportunity to learn how to evaluate players’ skills and tactics (what a player does to get an advantage over an opponent within the game) then give appropriate feedback to the group or to an individual.  The series of courses will help students develop interpersonal skills to effectively interact with colleagues, players, parents and officials. Students will be given an opportunity to gain insight into how to coach with ethics, sportsmanship and stay within the educational philosophy of schools.  Students will learn how to develop effective practice and game plans.  Students also will gain expertise in dealing with emergency situations that may arise at practice or competitions.

Many people who have an interest in athletics enter the coaching field as a volunteer (e.g. youth sports, recreation leagues) or in a paid position (e.g. middle school or high school coach) without the necessary content knowledge and experiences to adequately coach using currently accepted practices.  This minor will offer students an opportunity to become competent in all aspects of successful coaching. The minor will prepare students for certification in coaching, which is a requirement in most states.

Course Requirements

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For more information about this program please contact Dr. Robin Kirkwood Auld.
Her office number is 456-8880 and her email address is​

Page last updated: December 11, 2015