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For Students

There are organizations, activities, opportunities, and services designed to augment the degree programs. If you do not find the information you need here, or elsewhere on this site, please contact your advisor or the department.



Internships are available with local businesses concerned with art, or in which artistic talent is used, regional museums and historical societies. Information can be obtained through the Office of Student Employment.

Student Assistantships

Student Assistantships through the work-study program are available in the Slide Library, Bannister Gallery, Art Education program area, Art Office and various studios. Apply for work study at the Office of Student Employment.

Graduate Assistantships

A Graduate Assistantship in the Slide Library, which includes a stipend plus tuition remission for one year, is available. Apply at the Graduate Office.


The Art Club

Open to all students, this organization sponsors many events and activities. It may also act as liaison between students and faculty if necessary. Meeting dates are posted in the Art Center. All are welcome! Contact the Art Club Faculty Advisor for more information.

The Art Club provides:

  • Free models through the year
  • A membership on the Bannister Gallery Committee

The Art Club sponsors:

  • Day and weekend trips to New York City
  • Visiting artists
  • Student competitions
  • The Annual Art Auction
  • The Annual Students vs Faculty Softball Game

The Artists' Co-Op

This group sponsors:

  • Workshops
  • Slide lectures and critiques that provide art students with a unique opportunity to meet, discuss, and work with well-known artists. The artists invited to campus represent a broad range of studio disciplines, aesthetic philosophies, and a variety of working techniques.
  • The annual Art Sale and Festival in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Student Chapter Of The N.A.E.A. (Art Education Club)

The Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association sponsors student activities including:

  • Guest Lecturers
  • Trips
  • Special events related to Art Education

All students (Art Education, Art History, and Studio Art Majors) are invited to participate. A link to the National Chapter Website is included above.

For Graphic Design Students


AIGA, the professional association for design, is committed to advancing design as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.

AIGA believes designers serve a critical role as communicators, educators and innovators.

AIGA sets the national agenda for the role of design in economic, social, political, cultural and creative contexts.

AIGA works to:
  • Inform about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise
  • Communicate design's importance to the public and business leaders about the power of design
  • Inspire through articles, online galleries, profiles, videos and exhibitions
  • Represent the profession through a network of chapters and student groups
  • Stimulate discussion of the industry through events, social media and websites

Rhode Island Chapter: Outside Link
Boston Chapter: Outside Link
National (NYC): Outside Link

Become a Student Member

Go to: Outside Link

As an AIGA student member you'll gain access to invaluable resources and opportunities to help you make the transition from student to professional designer:

  • Gain exposure by posting your portfolio in the AIGA Member Gallery.
  • Find jobs and internships in AIGA Design Jobs (This is an international data-base!!)
  • Network and learn at local and national events.
  • Access exclusive member benefits.

Form a Student Group

The minimum requirement is 10 RIC students who are AIGA members. For complete information: Outside Link

Professor Nancy Bockbrader will serve as the advisor for an AIGA Student Group.


Rhode Island College Student Handbook

Students should read the College's Student Handbook for information on general college policy, regulations, procedures and their obligations and rights as students.

Adobe PDFStudent Handbook

The Student Handbook, published by the Office of Student Life, is an important guide to academic facilities and services, student organizations, academic policies and procedures, and rules on student conduct.

Department Student Handbook

The Department of Art provides a handbook that highlights much of the information contained in this site. Stop by the Main Office to pick one up.


It is essential that students select an advisor from among the full-time faculty in their degree program or area of specialization. All program plans, required art course selections, variations in programs, and transfer credits must be approved by the advisor and department chair.

Declaring A Major

The Declaration of Major Form must be completed and left in the Main Office of the Department of Art. Without this, students cannot be notified of important events and announcements. Students should declare themselves as Art Majors as soon as they begin taking art courses (their first semester), even if they are undecided on what their major concentration will be.

After-Hour Building Use

Art projects must often be completed after normal building hours have past. Arrangements for after-hour building use, along with security guidelines, will be posted in the Alex & Ani Hall at the beginning of each academic year.

Storage Lockers

A limited number of storage lockers are available. The number of the selected locker must be given to the department secretary. All lockers must be emptied after the Spring semester final exam week or the lock will be removed.


Any problems concerning grades or any other matter related to a course should first be discussed with the instructor, and, if not resolved, with the department chair.

Bulletin Boards

It is important to periodically check the bulletin boards in the Alex & Ani Hall main hallway. Announcements of due dates, scholarships, lectures and various events are posted throughout the academic year.

Transfer Student Portfolio Review

Students wishing to transfer studio art credits from another institution must present a portfolio representing the courses for which they want credit. Please include as much art work as possible to support your request. Contact the Art Department's Main Office for due dates and application forms. Please review the Transfer Student section of this site for complete information and a downloadable version of the Transfer Credit Form.

Talent Awards

Special Talent Awards

This competition is held each Spring Semester. Winners are awarded partial tuition waivers for the following Fall semesters. Incoming Freshmen as well as currently enrolled Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Graduate art majors are eligible.

Incoming Freshmen

The Incoming Freshmen Talent Award Competition is for high school seniors only. High school students who have been accepted to RIC submit a selection of art works in a portfolio, and should contact the Department of Art for this portfolio drop-off date. Consult with your high school art teacher for assistance in choosing which art work to submit.

Current Students

Current students display a selection of work they have completed during the academic year in the Alex & Ani Hall on a designated day and time. Detailed information is posted in the Alex & Ani Hall each Spring.

Senior Award in Studio

Each Spring a competition is held for graduating seniors majoring in Studio Art. The winner is honored at the Cap and Gown Ceremony and given a cash award. The funds for this award are provided by the Art Club.​

Page last updated: November 19, 2015