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Foundations in Art

Students seeking a B.A. or B.F.A. in Studio Art complete the Foundations Program in their first four semesters. The Foundations Program consists of seven courses in drawing, two dimensional design, three-dimensional design and digital media.

B.S. candidates majoring in Art Education are required to complete the seven courses with a minimum grade of B- in each course, usually completing the Foundations Program in their first four semesters.

B.A. candidates majoring in Art History select two courses from ART 101, 104, 105 or 107.

Transfer Students

Students may not enroll in courses beyond ART 101 AND ART 104 unless they have fulfilled all prerequisite requirements via a Portfolio Review, or by enrolling in and successfully completing the required course(s) at Rhode Island College.

Grades And Studio Concentration Courses

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in the Foundations Program courses in order to be eligible for studio concentration courses. Students are encouraged to enroll in an entry-level studio concentration course (STUDIO I ONLY) while in each of the last two foundations courses (ART 204 and 205), providing they have earned a minimum grade of C in the first four foundations courses. This allows students to explore possible choices for their major concentration. NOTE: Art Education students must earn a minimum grade of B- in their Foundations Courses.

Woodshop Lab

While enrolled in the first Synthesis course (ART 204 OR ART 205) students must participate in a Woodshop Lab. This experience will familiarize students with tools, techniques and safety precautions necessary for working with power tools and other specialized equipment. The Woodshop Lab typically meets on Fridays. Individuals may choose between a morning or afternoon session. For more information contact the Main Office or an Art Faculty Advisor.


Students should save work completed in their Foundations Courses to begin creating a well organized and professionally maintained portfolio. This portfolio will be necessary should the student participate in the Annual Talent Award Competition, apply for the B.F.A. Program or transfer to another College or University.

Upon completion of the Foundations Program students select an area of concentration and fill out a plan of study with an Art Faculty Advisor.​

Page last updated: August 23, 2016