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Freshman Admission Requirements

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Admission decisions are based primarily on an applicant's academic record, including completion of required high school coursework, grades, and class rank/GPA. Most accepted students rank in the top 50 percent of their graduating class and have at least B/B- average.

High School Course Requirements – 18 college preparatory units

  • 4 units/years of English
  • 2 units/years of the same foreign language
  • 3 units/years of mathematics (algebra I, algebra II, and geometry)
  • 2 units/years of history or social science
  • 2 units/years of laboratory science
  • 5 additional college preparatory units (additional coursework in any of the above subjects, or other college preparatory elective courses offered by your high school)
The following factors will also receive consideration:
  • the college essay
  • SAT/ACT scores - In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions goal will provide flexibility and support for the Fall 2021 admissions cycle. Therefore, standardized test scores will not be a factor in determining admission to RIC, the honors program and merit scholarship consideration.
  • academic potential
  • recommendations
  • extracurricular activities

Applications are reviewed for decision once all required materials are received.


IMPORTANT UPDATES - Priority Deadline for merit-based scholarships and honors consideration has been extended for First-Year Students.

  • Scholarships and honors: January 15th
  • Regular Decision: March 15th
  • Enrollment and Housing Deposit: May 1st
  • Spring Admission (January): December 15th
  • Financial Aid (FAFSA): October 1-March 1st (FAFSA and Rhode Island College Financial Aid Form)

Page last updated: December 18, 2020