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Undergraduate degree candidates in good academic standing who withdraw from Rhode Island College will be eligible to re-register without completing a formal application for readmission, unless they have taken courses at another institution during their absence or have any course credit(s) 10 years old or older. Registration materials will be mailed to students for three consecutive semesters. After three semesters, students may call the Records Office to request registration materials.

Undergraduate degree candidates who have been dismissed for academic reasons or who have withdrawn and taken courses at another institution, or have any prior courses which are ten years old or older, must apply for readmission to degree status.

Applying for Readmission

Students interested in being readmitted to Rhode Island College should submit:
  1. A completed Common Application and RIC Supplement, available at, and nonrefundable $50 application fee.
  2. Official transcripts from all college(s) attended since you have been a student at Rhode Island College whether you desire or expect transfer credit. The Admissions Office will obtain a copy of your Rhode Island College transcript.



Other Considerations

Academic Forgiveness Policy (5-Year Rule)

The Academic Forgiveness Policy allows a fresh start for former undergraduate students from Rhode Island College who have had a minimum of 5 consecutive years absence from RIC and wish to return to complete a first bachelor’s degree. Cumulative GPA will be reset to 0.00, calculating only those grades earned following the application of academic forgiveness. RIC courses that are 5 or more years old with grades of "C" or higher will be awarded elective credit or, if appropriate, general education credit. Upper level courses will be reviewed/evaluated by the department chair of the student’s major/program who determines if the course(s) may still be applied to the student’s program or must be repeated (i.e., change in body of knowledge, etc.). Courses 5 or more years old with grades of C-, D-, D, D+, F will not be used/counted for credit towards graduation.

Improving GPA for Readmission

Students who need to improve their RIC GPA in order to be eligible to apply for readmission should plan to retake those courses at RIC as a non-degree student. Repeating the course at another institution will not change a RIC GPA, nor may the course be counted for transfer credit.


Page last updated: March 16, 2021