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About Us

The Unity Center was established in 1994 and served as a multicultural center for students from varied racial and ethnic backgrounds. In 2017, under the leadership of President Sanchez a new Division was created at Rhode Island College named Community, Equity, and Diversity (CED). The Unity Center became a part of the CED portfolio and was restructured to serve as an umbrella to four affiliated offices: the Women’s Center, the LGBTQ+ Center, International Students Office, and Interfaith Services. In 2019, in response to a changing student demographic and in order to stay responsive to national best practices, the Unity Center underwent another restructuring. This restructuring allowed for a more efficient use of resources, and an intentional approach to intersectionality and collaboration between offices. Now, the Center houses four offices: Intercultural Office, LGBTQ+ and Gender Office, Office of International, Immigrant, Undocumented, and Refugee Students, and Interfaith Services. These offices work together to provide opportunities that amplify student success and academic success of our students. The Center hosts educational programs, trainings, services and resources, student leadership opportunities, and a safe and brave space for students to unpack their identities.

Please visit each office webpage to see the types of services and resources available.

Page last updated: October 23, 2019