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Student Groups

Advocacy and Beyond Club (ABC)

To encourage, educate, and empower all students, faculty, and campus groups to advocate for individuals with disabilities at Rhode Island College and beyond!

President: James Cook
Vice President: Jose Rosario
Advisor: Kerri Rossi
Office Location: Student Union 424
Organization E-Mail Address:

Asian Students' Association (ASA)

ASA is an organization that serves as a voice for the cultural and social interests of Southeast Asian students at Rhode Island College. Our goal is to educate and bring awareness to students on campus and off campus by providing interaction opportunities for the Rhode Island College and greater Rhode Island communities.

President: Linda Lin
Vice President: John Capellan
Advisor: Kristen Salemi
Office Location: Student Union 426
Organization E-Mail Address:

Cape Verdean Students' Association (CVSA)

The Cape Verdean Student Association is an organization committed to the preservation of the Cape Verdean culture and history.

President: Romira Monteiro
Vice President: Tatiana Reis
Advisor: LaTanya Monteiro
Office Location: Student Union 428​
Organization E-Mail Address:


Harambee, which is Kiswahili means "unity" or "stand together," is the name of Rhode Island
College 's multicultural student organization.  The members primarily consist of students from throughout the African Diaspora (African-American, Afro-Carribean, Continental African) and welcomes others from diverse cultural backgrounds.  To provide cultural experiences that will be beneficial in our search for our heritage. To coordinate our educational experiences so that others may learn from us. To engage in social activities that allows us to show our responsibility to society.

President: Charlotte Abotsi
Vice President: Yolibel Gonzalez
Advisor: Antoinette Gomes
Organization E-Mail Address:

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

RIC Intervarsity seeks to be a welcoming Christian community that offers open access to anyone seeking connection with God, people and the greater RIC community.

President: Cedric Alves
Vice President: Ramie Cormay
Advisor: Lisa Ferri
Organization E-Mail Address:

Iota Phi Theta

Founded in 1963, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. is an organization which upholds the principles of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, fidelity, and brotherhood.

President: Thompson Kuti
Advisor: Brian Lalli
Organization E-Mail Address:

Latin Students' Organization (LASO)

LASO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in developing our member's individual potential. We acknowledge that the richness of our culture's identity should aid us in achieving our academic and social goals. LASO is a supportive organization, which encourages its members to learn about diversity of the Latino culture, while promoting leadership development within us all. As the influence and impact of Latin American people and culture has increased in the United States and abroad, LASO has built networks of support in cooperation with other clubs, organizations, associations of the college administration, and our friends. LASO is determined to seek strengths in union as Latino students face critical juncture in higher education; which includes decreasing enrollment nationwide and lack of support and resources. LASO is committed to the use of our skills, knowledge, and energy to contribute to the welfare of our people, society, and the world. Our membership is made up of diverse students from Latin America, Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America, as well from various ethnic groups. All students are welcome!!

President: Ambar Perez
Vice President: Maryssabel Polanco
Advisors: David Espinosa
Organization E-Mail Address:

L.I.F.E. – Live, Inspire, Fight, Educate

To unite and strengthen diverse individuals and organizations fighting for education equity, justice, and various issues, such as the elimination of disease, illiteracy, poverty, and ignorance, through alliance building, leadership development, and action.

President: Kia Smith
Vice President: Bianki Torres
Advisor: Antoinette Gomes
Organization E-Mail Address:

​​Pride Alliance

The goal of this organization is to help those of different sexual orientations and identities (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and allies) be comfortable with who they are in the light of college life. It is also this group's goal to give these people a voice to be heard at RIC.

President: Vanessa Ruggieri
Vice President: Brenden Melody
Advisor Name: Robyn Linde

Student Veterans Organization

The purpose of the Student Veterans Organization will be to provide a network of support for military veterans, their families and civilian supporters, to educate the college community about the experiences of military veterans, and work with the college administration to meet the needs of student veterans and prospective student veterans.

President: Neal Yeatman
Vice President: Brian Quigley
Advisor: Steven Rivers
Organization E-Mail Address:


VISA is a group for international students to meet, exchange ideas, and about the surrounding community.

President: Timothy Luz
Vice President: Amarachi Odunzi
Advisor: Audrey Olmstead
Organization E-Mail Address:

Women Of Color (WOC)

To build a community based on cultural understanding and awareness.  To support women of color in their professional, academic, and social decisions.

President: Esohe Irabor
Vice President: Shai Tomson-Allen
Advisor: Priscilla Harris
Office Location: Student Union 423
Organization E-Mail Address:​​​​​

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