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Darek Niklas

Gaige Hall (GH)
(401) 456-8730

​​Academic Background

Darek Niklas, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology, has been teaching at Rhode Island College since 1989. He was previously employed at the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, and as a civilian employee of the U.S. Army in Frankfurt, Germany. He earned his masters degree in philosophy and his doctorate in sociology from the University of Warsaw, where he lectured until 1981. He has published in several areas of sociology, most recently: "The Melancholy of Modernization: Amor Fati or Ressentiment." At Rhode Island College, his recent courses include those in contemporary social theory, corrections, law enforcement, the sociology of money, and organized crime.

Courses Taught

JSTD 466 Seminar in Justice Studies
SOC 262 The Sociology of Money
SOC 340 Police and Policing
SOC 341 Sociology of Punishment​
SOC 400 Contemporary Sociological Theories​​

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