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Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Committee Members:

  • Christine Flynn Saulnier (Chair), Special Assistant to the President
  • Colette Matarese (Co-Chair), Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Jeffrey Blais, Associate Professor, Economics and Finance Department
  • Deborah Johnson, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Scott Kane, Dean of Students
  • Charles McLaughlin, Associate Professor and Chair, Educational Studies Department
  • Mark Motte, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Ellie O'Neill, Director of Alumni Affairs
  • Sue Pearlmutter, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Donald Tencher, Director of Athletics, Intramurals, and Recreation
  • Carol Hryciw-Wing, Associate Professor, Adams Library
  • David Woolman, Professor, Adams Library
  • Alvaro Gonzales, Senior Information Technologist
  • Bin Yu, Director, Management and Information Services
  • Joseph Zornado, Professor of English
  • Ivy Denise Locke (Ex-Officio), Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Gary M. Penfield (Ex-Officio), Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Marguerite M. Brown (Ex-Officio), Vice President for Development and College Relations

Committee Staff:

  • Donna Konicki, Director of Institutional Research and Planning
  • Roxann Johnson-Nance, Director of Budget
  • Cynthia Boudreau, Administrative Secretary​

Page last updated: April 18, 2016