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Strategic Plan 2010 Monitoring Task Force Membership

  • David Benevides, Fire Safety Technician, Physical Plant (Representing Council 94, Local 2878)
  • Jason L. Blank, Associate Professor of Sociology (Representing AFT, Local 1819 [RIC/AFT])
  • Dr. Charles M. Boisvert, Associate Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology (Representing the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development)
  • Mariam Z. Boyajian, Director of Upward Bound (Representing AFT, Local 3302 [PSA/RIC])
  • Dr. Nancy Carriuolo, President (Ex-officio member, non-voting)
  • Dr. Teresa Coffman, Associate Professor of Music (Representing Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Dr. Glenisson de Oliveria, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Representing Council of Rhode Island College)
  • Dr. George Epple, Professor of Anthropology, Task Force Chair
  • Sharon A Giacobbi, Access Services Manager, Adams Library (Representing Adams Library)
  • Dr. Michael B. Hayden, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems (Representing the School of Management)
  • Andre LaBonte, Student, Representing Student Community Government
  • Dr. Ivy Locke, Vice President for Administration and Finance (Ex-officio member, non-voting)
  • Dr. Diane R. Martell, Associate Professor, School of Social Work
  • Dr. Charles McLaughlin, Associate Professor, Technology Education (Representing the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development)
  • Ellie O'Neill, Director of Alumni Affairs
  • Dolores Passarelli, Director, Office of Academic Support & Information Services (Representing Council of Rhode Island College)
  • Dr. Ronald Pitt, Vice President for Academic Affairs (Ex-officio member, non-voting)
  • Dr. Gary M. Penfield, Vice President for Student Affairs (Ex-officio member, non-voting)
  • Dr. Kathryn E. Sanders, Associate Professor of Computer Science (Representing Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Susan St. Amand, Clerk Secretary, Henry Barnard School (Representing Council 94, Local 2879)
  • Dr. David Thomas, Professor of History (Representing Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Dr. Carolyn Wood, Professor of Nursing, (Representing School of Nursing)​

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