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Plan 2010 Development Calendar

The Committee met approximately every other week during the 2006-2007 academic year to respond to the following charge from President Nazarian:

The strategic planning process will be guided and facilitated by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee. The committee's primary responsibilities include (1) planning the execution of the development of the plan, (2) evaluating the thoughts, ideas, and suggestions contributed by groups and individuals throughout the planning process, (3) synthesizing many of these thoughts, ideas, and suggestions into elements of the planning document, (4) providing all members of the RIC community with an opportunity to engage in the planning process, (5) ensuring that all key constituent group perspectives are given a voice in planning, and (6) developing a draft strategic plan for the President's consideration.

November 2006

  • Invitation to Potential Committee Members
  • Strategic Planning Steering Committee
    • Convened for the first time
    • Identified a process to involve as many faculty, staff, and students as possible in plan development
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December 2006

The Committee:
  • Announced the new strategic planning process and outlined ways to become involved, including individual meetings with committee members, group meetings, community survey, response to drafts, phone number to call with input
  • Created and announced to encourage broad input from faculty, students, and staff
  • Examined the achievements realized under Plan 150, analyzing the Strategic Plan Monitoring Task Force's findings
  • Studied strategic plans of peer and regional institution
  • Agreed that the five goals of Plan 150 would be carried forward
  • Identified external constituents who needed to be involved
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January 2007

  • Developed a survey to identify the importance placed on goals, objectives, and strategic actions of Plan 150, and to seek suggestions for items to include in Plan 2010
  • Attended a number of regularly scheduled faculty, staff, and student meetings to seek thoughts, ideas, and suggestions
  • Attended several specially scheduled meetings to seek input
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February 2007

  • Administered the survey to all RIC faculty, staff, and students
  • Developed a form, to seek additional input
  • Circulated the form to all academic and administrative units and to student government, asking for ideas and suggestions for Plan 2010
  • Visited Rhode Island Office of Higher Education to seek input for the strategic plan
  • Continued to attend various regular and specially scheduled RIC meetings to seek input
  • Identified Goal Teams to analyze comments associated with each goal
  • Began analyzing responses to community survey
  • Attended Student Government meeting to seek input
  • Met with alumni and RIC Foundation members to seek input
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March 2007

  • Held Strategic Planning Week, a series of meetings scheduled across the week, from very early morning through evening, with multiple campus-wide email blasts announcing and encouraging participation in discussions of thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for the strategic plan
  • Arranged and participated in meetings with any individual faculty, student, or staff person who offered to provide input
  • Continued analyzing responses to the community survey
  • Began analyzing responses sent to and responses to comment form, notes from regularly scheduled faculty, staff, and student meetings, Strategic Planning Week meetings and other committee meetings, formal proposals submitted by individuals and groups, etc.
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April 2007

  • Identified objectives
  • Began to identify ways to measure objectives
  • Drafted statement of College values to accompany mission, vision, goals, and objectives
  • Developed draft of Plan 2010
  • Identified the need for a strategic plan monitoring task force, as with the previous plan
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May 2007

  • Met with President's Executive Committee to review draft
  • Circulated draft to faculty, staff, and students, seeking comments
  • Analyzed PEC and faculty, staff, and student comments
  • Wrote final Plan 2010 proposal
  • Submitted Plan 2010 proposal to President Nazarian with the Committee's recommendations for implementation and monitoring
  • Submitted detailed of all comments received throughout the year to the Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors of the College's units, encouraging them to consider the comments as they decide how to achieve goals and objectives
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