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Departmental Honors Program

Thank you for taking an interest in the Management and Marketing Department Honors Program. Here are some details you will need to know to get started.

Recent Honors Projects

Spring 2021​

Nathaniel P. Stemple
The Effects of Transformational Leadership on Follower-Leader Intentions

Spring 2019​

Daniella M Carnavale
Self-Congruity, Advertising Effectiveness, and Body Size: A Deeper Look Into “Real” Advertising in the Fashion Industry

Spring 2017

Lissa Almanzar
Leadership and the Social Psychology of Lean Enterprise

Spring 2015

Miguel Cristovao
Antecedents of Career Satisfaction in Entrepreneurs

Spring 2014

Byron S. Delmonico
Take 5: The Greatest Combination on Earth

Fall 2010

Allison P. Corry
Maximizing Training Effectiveness through Compatibility of Training Methods with Occupations and Industries

Spring 2010

Joshua Laguerre
Can Leadership Be Developed?


  1. Challenge students to discover and study topics of special interest
  2. Encourage development of research skills
  3. Recognize outstanding performance in the major

Admission to the Honors Program

After accumulation at least 60 credits toward the degree, eligible students shall apply for admission by submitting an application and research proposal to the chairperson of the department Honors Committee. Application forms are available from the head of the Honors Committee. Upon successful review of the application and research proposal, participation begins the following semester. Students may apply at any time between the accumulation of 60 and 89 credits. No student may be admitted after accumulation 90 credits.

Criteria for admission

  1. Enrollment in a major in the department.
  2. At least a 3.50 GPA in all major and core courses taken prior to admission to the program.
  3. At least a 3.25 GPA in all courses taken prior to admission to the Honors Program (including transfer credits).
  4. Completed application form, including all transcripts from institutions of higher education, a letter of recommendation from a current faculty member, and research proposal.
  5. Proposal approved by at least 2 of the 3 members of the Honors Committee.
  6. Letter of acceptance by the Honors Committee.
  7. Final approval of the honors proposal by the department chair.

Requirements for Honors in Management or Marketing

  1. Maintenance of a B- or better in all major and core courses taken while a member of the Honors Program.
  2. Maintenance of a C- or better in all other courses taken while a member of the Honors Program, and
  3. Maintenance of an overall GPA of 3.25 or better and a GPA in the major of 3.50 or better.
  4. Current transcripts to the chair of the Honors Committee for each semester while a member of the Honors Program, with all major/core courses highlighted.
  5. Completion of an Honors Project while enrolled in two successive 400-level independent study courses under the supervision of a member of the department that is acceptable to the supervisor and to the Honors Committee.

    The research project may be a historical study, a policy-analysis, or an empirical study.

    Honors Projects must be completed by April 1 of the year of graduation in the case of spring graduation or by November 1 of the year prior to graduation in the case of winter graduation. The completed projects must be presented to the members of the Honors Committee.

  6. Evaluation of Satisfactory by the Honors Committee members.

    In the case of an unsatisfactory evaluation, the committee may suggest revisions, which, if completed in a timely fashion, may result in a satisfactory evaluation.

    Evaluation of the project will be based upon criteria announced prior to project production and dependent upon the type of research conducted.

    Students may appeal an unsatisfactory evaluation of a project to the Honors Committee, Department Advisory Committee, the Chairperson, the Dean, the VP for Academic Affairs, and the President (in this order) but must accompany such appeals by substantiating evidence of an incorrect or unfair evaluation.

Here are the forms you will need:

For other information, please review:


Once your proposal has been accepted, you may also apply for funding to help defray some of the costs of your project. Click HERE for more information and the application form for the DeStefano Undergraduate Research Fund.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Julie Urda:

For more information about College Honors, go to​​​​​​

Page last updated: March 31, 2021