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For Parents and Supportive Others

The Career Development Center (CDC) staff provides a wide range of services to students throughout their time at Rhode Island College and after they graduate. The two major areas of services are career development and student employment.

Career Development

Career development focuses on the exploration that goes into making a good career decision as well as the steps necessary to put that decision into action. These steps may include choosing a major; gaining career-related experience through work, internship and volunteer activities; preparing to enter the job market upon graduation; or applying to graduate school.

Student Employment

Many students work while at RIC - both on- and off-campus. The Career Development Center has information about various employment opportunities for:

  • Students who have work study as part of their financial aid packages
  • Students who don't have work study but still want to work

These positions are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and supportive others are committed to their student's success while at RIC as well as to the professional success that follows upon graduation. Here are some of the many questions they ask us:

Career Development-related questions:

Student Employment-related questions:

Page last updated: March 05, 2020