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Services for Students

No matter how far along you are in your academic career or perhaps how focused or even confused you may be about career choice, the Career Development Center has something to offer. Meet with a career counselor to discuss your career options and identify next steps to take as you work to identify and achieve your academic and professional/career goals. Are you...

...then you're a normal college student and we can help!

In addition to helping you make a career decision and the accompanying strategic choices to get you there, the Career Development Center can connect you with jobs, internships, and other "interesting opportunities" Are you...

We invite you to discuss your plans (or lack thereof) with one of our career counselors.

To meet with a career counselor call 401-456-8031 to schedule an appointment.

Looking for an Internship?

Many RIC students know the value of pairing their education with hands-on experience in the form of internships. Some internships are linked to academic programs. Others are not. Some are paid. Others are not. Regardless, there is enormous value in pursing internship opportunities.

Use Handshake, RIC’s online job posting system, as a starting place to identify internship opportunities.

Page last updated: October 23, 2020