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How does TypeFocus Careers Work?

This program assesses personality type and generates three customized reports, which help people understand themselves better so they can choose more effective career strategies. Each user sets up his/her own username and password, which guarantees confidentiality.

As the user works through the reports, information from one section is automatically incorporated into the next section. For example, when a user identifies a career they are interested in within the career choice section, the program will also save the educational requirements needed for this career within the education section.

Besides saving information, the program is interactive. Users add their own information, (e.g., values, skills, focus) which is stored and automatically incorporated into their reports. Eventually the user has a set of three reports that form a holistic approach to self-awareness and career success.

The program is flexible and easily allows users to re-assess their personality or change it so it fits with their self-perception. Facilitator manuals ensure that the program is implemented effectively.

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RIC students - call the Career Development Center (401-456-8031) to get your password.

The Three Reports

  • Discover Your Strengths
    Self-awareness Report: Who am I ...really?
    By understanding yourself better, you'll find work that will be satisfying in the long run - where it counts. This report will help you answer the question. "Who am I ...really?"
  • Finding Your Way
    Career Strategy Report: Where am I going?
    As you understand yourself better, you'll clarify your values, skills and interests and become more focused. This report will help you discover deeply satisfying careers that work with your strengths and not against them.
  • Getting the Job
    Job Search Report: Gaining an Advantage
    What will separate you from the others in the race for jobs? One answer is that you've taken the time to understand yourself so you can be of more value to your future employer. This report will help you use your personality strengths in your job search.​​

Page last updated: August 12, 2020