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Request Career Development and Financial Support​​

Students seeking financial support are encouraged to contact the campus resources listed below to learn more about opportunities that may exist and are able to offer assistance.

These offices include but are not limited to:

Financial Aid Office: The financial aid office provides detailed information on various sources of aid. To learn more please visit their website (click here). Note that almost all forms of student financial aid, including federal student loans, require at least half-­‐time enrollment as a matriculated student in a degree-granting program to quality. Half-time enrollment is defined as six credits for undergraduates and 4.5 credits for graduate students. Some programs require full-time enrollment. (*Please visit the Financial Aid Office to review the most recent criteria*)

Career Development & Student Employment: The Career Development Center works to develop programs and services to provide Rhode Island College students with self-knowledge, experience and connections to industries in order to develop career confidence, enhance employability and pursue meaningful career-related experiences. To learn more information about student employment opportunities click here.

Residential Life & Housing (Resident Assistant): Residential Life & Housing offers resident assistant positions. The position of Resident Assistant at Rhode Island College is a life changing leadership opportunity. Resident Assistants are expected to act as positive role models and maintain the highest level of commitment towards attaining the goals established by the Office of Residential Life & Housing. As part of compensation, this position receives a financial aid grant/waiver, a taxable credit on the student account equivalent to the cost of board, and a stipend of $100 each semester. To learn more information click here.

Student Emergency Funds: Students facing unforeseen financial circumstances that jeopardize their ability to continue in school may apply for emergency funding.  For more information, and to access the online application, go to the Student Emergency Funds website. Student emergency funding is provided by the RIC Alumni Association, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, RIC Foundation, Learning for Life, and a grant from Pepsi.​

Student Scholarships

  • RIC Alumni Association Scholarship List -­‐ To learn more information click here​
  • Career Development Center Scholarship List – To learn more information click here

Should you have questions or need help getting started please contact the Office of Student Life at 401-­456-­8061 or via email at

Page last updated: January 28, 2020