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​​For Transfers

Information for Sociology Transfer Students

If you are thinking about coming to RIC as a transfer student from another college, including CCRI or BCC, or if you have transferred already, you will find information here to help you navigate the transition. Many of our majors and minors transfer to our program, and if you’ve taken sociology courses elsewhere, you should be off to a great start in completing your degree here. Please note you still need to complete all the general education requirements, along with your major requirements, and earn a total of 120 credits to graduate from RIC.

If you are a CCRI student with less than 30 credits, you can apply for the Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA) plan in sociology, which will enable you to leave CCRI having made the most progress toward your degree. Even if you don’t qualify for the JAA plan, you can use the JAA degree requirements to select the most appropriate CCRI courses. See for more information. You are strongly encouraged to complete your math course (see below) prior to transferring or in your first semester at RIC.

Which of Your Courses Will Transfer?

The following is a list of courses that RIC accepts towards the Sociology major from local community colleges. If you will transfer from another institution, you will have your transfer credits evaluated when you apply for admission. Once you enter the degree program, you can contact the Sociology Department Chair to see if any additional courses may be eligible for credit towards the major.

RIC CourseCCRI CourseBCC CourseQuinebaug Course
SOC 200SOCS 1010SOC 101SOC 101
SOC 202SOCS 2020SOC 251SOC 210
SOC 204SOCS 2030----
SOC 207

SOCS 2300 OR

SOCS 2310

CRJ 251--
SOC 208SOCS 2040SOC 256--
SOC 217----SOC 141
MATH 240

Math 1475 OR

Math 1550

Math 119 OR

Math 252


*Note: only one 200-level RIC course can be counted towards the major; only two can be counted towards the minor.

For more information about how courses transfer among the colleges and universities in Rhode Island, see​, and for more information about transfer admissions and the credit evaluation process, see this page​.

Page last updated: January 28, 2019