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Welcome to the School of Social Work

Jayashree Nimmagadda

The RIC SSW is a special place. As a smaller school, we have developed a sense of family among us. United by our professional values and principles, our faculty believes in delivering a rigorous program that will graduate superior social workers while also meeting our students where they are at. Our professors want to exchange ideas and engage in conversations that merge policy and practice, theory and practicality. Our students develop a warm collegiality that extends beyond graduation. Those networks serve alums and clients. At the SSW, we see each other as resources and partners as we collectively work to enhance the human experience.

RIC SSW professors choose to be here. Faculty includes experts in a range of social work areas including but not limited to Child and Family Welfare, Community Organizing, Ethics, Housing and Homelessness, Older Adults, Policy and Advocacy, Research and Evaluation, Substance Use, Telehealth, and Trauma-Informed Care. The faculty’s depth of knowledge and experience combined with a sincere commitment to approach students as colleagues enable the SSW to maintain its reputation of graduating highly employable and passionate social workers.

We are proud to offer a program of innovative scholarship. The SSW takes a Generalist approach to social work, as we understand our clients’ needs cross multiple systems. Our BSW and MSW programs include internship opportunities that immerse students into professional work.

Our school offers research and development opportunities through grant-funded projects and certificate programs. We aggressively seek grant-funded projects that address systemic inequities that also provide educational and economic opportunities for our students. Project outcomes enhance both populations served and our curriculum and practice. Current funded projects include the Integrated Behavioral Health training program, the Opioid Workforce Expansion program, and the partnership to provide mental health screenings to two of the most vulnerable communities in Rhode Island. The Non-Profit Studies program develops analytical and managerial skills for current and future non-profit leaders. The Childhood and Adolescent Trauma program is rooted in evidence-based practices and is supported by research conducted through the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.

If social work core values resonate with you, and you have a desire to enhance the lives of others, especially vulnerable and oppressed populations, we encourage you to apply to our program. Our application process is open September 1st to Feb 1st.

To our alums, please continue to communicate with us to let us know how you are doing. Reach out to us if you have ideas for collaboration. Your continued participation in the SSW community is important and vital to our continued success.

To our current students, we are with you. Do not hesitate to contact your advisor, professors, your chair, or myself. I encourage you to be open to the possibilities that exist even within a virtual classroom. Recognize that your classmates have a unique understanding of what your life is like in this program; support each other. Remember to practice self-care regularly. That may be hard to do when you’re balancing papers, trying to contact clients or legislators, and taking care of your responsibilities. But every once in a while, pause and reflect on this experience; your ideas matter and your presence is valued.

Jayashree Nimmagadda, Ph.D. MSW., LICSW
Interim Dean and Professor

Page last updated: December 01, 2020