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​​​Grant Funded Projects

Rhode Island Integrated Care Education (RIICE Project)​

The Rhode Island Integrated Care Education Project​ is an initiative to increase the number of Masters level social workers serving vulnerable populations in Rhode Island. RIICE complements the state’s efforts to expand the number of behavioral health clinicians utilizing community health teams and integrated primary care clinics. Click here to learn more.


The SBIRT Training and Resource Center at Rhode Island College's School of Social Work is an interdisciplinary group of individuals that are working to provide education, support, resources, live simulations, and training to assist healthcare providers, schools, and the greater community to identify and address high risk substance use in Rhode Island.

Visit their website at​

Rhode Island Integrated Substance and Opioid Use Education Project (RIISOE Project) 

The RIISOE Project is an initiative to increase the number of Master level social workers serving at-risk and vulnerable populations experiencing challenges with substance and opioid use in Rhode Island. RIISOE complements the federal and state's agenda to expand the number of providers in high need areas of substance/opioid use.  

Collaborative Partnerships for Preventive Mental Health Services Project 

The Collaborative Partnerships for Preventative Mental Health Services Project is a significant initiative set forth by the Rhode Island Foundation to help provide preventative mental health and substance use services to Rhode Island's most vulnerable populations before crises. The project has created collaborative partnerships with key community agencies- The Rhode Island Free Clinic and Thundermist to help expand the behavioral health workforce of Bachelor's and Master's level social work providers and to provide prevention services. ​

For more information or to apply to any of the grant projects, click here.

Page last updated: October 16, 2019