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​Law Enforcement

Training experience in a variety of law enforcement areas qualifies for elective credit at RIC. Official documentation is required. Credits will be posted once the student is officially enrolled. Send documentation to the Records Office at . Once posted, students may request a review by the department chair of their major for potential credit towards major or minor requirements. Below is a list or training experience and the number of elective credits which will be awarded. Students should not include this experience in a prior learning portfolio.

TRAINING EXPERIENCE                         # Elective Credits
MA Criminal Justice Training Council10
Municipal Police Training Academy10
Providence Police Academy10
RI State Marshal Training6
RI Capitol Police6
Police officer who has served FT for 3 or more years3
Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation3
Donald W Wyatt Detention Facility3
State of RI Dept. of Corrections Training Academy3
MA Dept. of Corrections, Division of Staff Development3

Page last updated: December 15, 2020