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Student Research Opportunities

Research Overview

Research is a key component of our degree programs and takes place throughout the calendar year. By working closely with faculty members in generating new scientific knowledge, students gain critical skills that will prepare them for future careers in chemistry, biochemistry/biotechnology, physics, material science, and earth and space sciences.

Students get involved in research through several different mechanisms. Many perform research as part of an independent studies project to receive college credits. In the summer, summer undergraduate research fellowships (SURF) are available through various federal and state sources. In recent years, faculty members have received financial support for research from National Institute of Health (via RI-INBRE), National Science Foundation (via RI-EPSCoR), the State of Rhode Island (via STAC) and the Rhode Island College Faculty Research Fund.

Faculty Research Interests

Karen Almeida, PhD
Research Interests: Bioenergetics, Metabolism, DNA damage response, Protein purification, Structure function studies
More information here.

Laura Cooley, PhD
Physical Chemistry
Research Interests: Fluorescence, Tryptophan, Micelles, Fluorescence anisotropy, Binding studies
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Andrea Del Vecchio, PhD
Materials Science
Research Interests: Thin films, metals, mechanical properties, colloids, crystal structure, crystal growth, soft materials
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Sarah Knowlton, PhD
Chemistry, Oceanography

Research Interests: Fate and transport of road salt in Rhode Island freshwater systems and the potential impacts on the Narragansett Bay watershed; Biogeochemical cycles and chemical distributions in coastal waters, including Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Sound, and Block Island Sound
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Marc Lamontagne, PhD
Analytical Chemistry

Research Interests: Ion analysis of freshwater systems, metal analysis, atomic absorption spectroscopy, chromatography

Chin Hin Leung, PhD
Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry
Research Interests: Green Chemistry, Renewable Chemical Feedstocks, Organometallics, Catalysis, Inorganic Synthesis, Ligand Synthesis, DNA-binding Metal Complexes, Metal-based Antitumor Compounds
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Elaine Magyar, PhD  
Physical Organic Chemistry

Research Interests: Reaction mechanisms, properties and reactions of cyclopropanes, photochemistry, computational chemistry of small organic molecules and of proteins.
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James G. Magyar, PhD
Physical Organic Chemistry; Photochemistry; Environmental Chemistry                                                   
Research Interests: Environmental Chemistry; Determination of metals in natural samples; Trace organics by GC-MS; Fluorescence analysis of natural waters; Molecular Visualization; Organic Photochemistry
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Peter S. Meyer, PhD
Geology, Oceanography
Research Interests: Crystal Growth in Magmatic Systems, Crystal Size Distribution in Igneous Rocks, Radon Emission from Rhode Island Granites, Impact of Climate Change on the Coast of New England

Medini Padmanabhan, PhD
Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Research Interests: Electronic devices, Micro/nano structured materials, Transport measurements in thin films, Optical characterization, Electrochemical growth
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Steven Rivers, PhD
Research Interests: Surface physics, thin film growth, phase transitions

Daniel P Snowman, PhD                                                        

Research Interests: Theoretical & Computational physics with a focus on Renormalization-Group Theory, Field Theory, Diophantine Polynomials, Number Theory, Riemannian Topology, Ising Networks, Competition

Jamie Towle-Weicksel, PhD
Research Interests: Polymerase kinetics, DNA repair, cancer, melanoma, protein purification, protein dynamics, fluorescence resonance energy transfer
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John C. Williams, Jr., PhD
Organic, Bio-organic and Organophosphorus Chemistry
Research Interests: Synthesis, Toxicology, SAR’s, Arylphosphonium Salts, Cationic Lipophiles, Antioxidants, Antibiotics, Antibiotic Polymers, Anti-cancer Agents, Neuroprotective Polypeptides, MAOS, SSPS, HPLC, Estrogen Receptor and DNA Binders by Experimental and Computational Chemistry, Hsp70 in G. demissa, Climate Sentinels, Narragansett Bay
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Benjamin Young, PhD                                                        

Research Interests: Surface and Interface Physics, Crystallography, Ion Bombardment, Geiger-Muller tubes and fast pulse counting, Electron Spectroscopies, Monte Carlo Simulation, XPS core and valence models

Recent Student Research Projects

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