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SON Accomplishments 2011 – 2012

Faculty Publications:

Molloy, P.  (2012). Examining the relationship between work climate and patient safety among nurses in acute care settings. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation.) University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI.

Padula, C., DiSano, C., Ruggiero, C., Carpentier, M., Reppucci, M., Forloney, B.,& Hughes, C. (2011).  Impact of lower extremity strengthening exercises and mobility on fall rates in hospitalized adults.  Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 26 (3), 279-285.

Ritz,  J., Pashnik, B., Padula, C., & Simmons, K. (2012).  Effectiveness of two methods of chlorhexidine bathing.  Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 27 (2), 171-175.

Watkins, N., Kennedy, M., Ducharme, M., & Padula, C.  (2011).  Same handed and mirrored unit configurations:  is there a difference in patient and nurse outcomes? Journal of Nursing Administration, 41(6), 273-279.

Watckins, N., Kennedy, M., Lee, N., O’Neill, M., Peavey, E., Ducharme, M., & Padula, C. (2012).  Destination bedside.  Using research findings to visualize optimal unit layouts and health information technology in support of bedside care. Journal of Nursing Administration, 42(5), 256-265.

Faculty Presentations:

Anderson, G., Creamer, A., Dougherty, M., Ozment, S., & Murphy, J. (2011, September). Academic-Practice Partnership: Advancing the Nation’s Health Care. Poster presented at the National League for Nursing Annual Education Summit, Orlando, Fl.

Blanchette, L. (2011, June). Exploring Community Capacity. Poster presented at the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE) Annual Institute in Chicago Illinois.

Brennan, K. (2011, October).Women’s Health Issues. Invited speaker at The Holy Order of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church, Inc. Providence, RI.

Byrd, M. E., Costello, J., Blanchette, L., Gremel, K., Schwager, J., Shelton, C. & Thomas, P. (2011, October). Changes in political astuteness following an active learning experience in health policy for undergraduate nursing students. Poster presented at the American Association of Public Health 139th Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

Carty, A. (2011) An academic-practice partnership to introduce nursing research and evidence-based practice. Poster presented at the Miriam Hospital/Lifespan Annual Research Day and also at the Delta Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Annual Research Conference.

Costello, J. (2012, January). Policy and Public Health: The Rhode Island Experience. Brown University Center for Addiction Studies (CAAS), Providence, RI. 

Deckro, J. and D’Eramo, A. (2011, October). Perspectives from the trenches: Engendering change. Annual Assembly of Men in Nursing Conference, Lexington, KY.

D’Eramo, A. (2011, December). QI for the nurse leader. Invited speaker, LaSalle University, School of Nursing DNP Program, Philadelphia, PA.

D’Eramo, A. & Blasdell, N. (May 2012) Nurse Residency Programs: Partnerships Between Healthcare Organizations and Schools of Nursing. 2012 QSEN National Forum, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Gerzevitz, D. and Quigley, P. (2011, October). Collaborative with Romanian nurses to improve palliative care. Poster presented at the STTI Convention, Warwick, RI.

Gerzevitz, D. and Quigley, P. (2012, March). Collaborative with Romanian nurses to improve palliative care. Poster presented at the SNARI Convention, Grapevine, TX.

Hetzel, K. (2011, November). Domestic Violence: Its multiple dimensions. Invited speaker at the Massachusetts Nurses Association, Canton, Mass.

Morel-Silva, F. (2012, June). Roping them in: Integrating health information technology in simulation. Poster presentation at the 11th Annual International Nursing Simulation/Learning Resources Centers Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Padula, C. (2012, May).Evidence-based practice. Paper presented at the Providence VA Medical Center.

Padula, C., DiSano, C., & Reppucci, M.  (2012, May). Development of an interdisciplinary, falls prevention video Paper presented at the Seventh National Evidence Based Practice Conference, Iowa City IO.

Servello, D. (2012, June). Increasing confidence in acute care nurse practitioner students utilizing high fidelity simulation. Poster presentation at the 20th Annual Conference for Nurse Educators, Hyannis, Mass.

Siskind, M. (2011, April). Bridging academics with clinical education: The dedicated education unit. Podium presentation at the Miriam Hospital Research Day – Nurses at the Wheel, Warwick, RI.  

Wilks, M. (2012, June) Authentic Leadership in Teaching and Learning. Poster presentation at the 20th Annual Conference for Nurse Educators, Hyannis, Mass.

Student Publications:

DiBlasi, S. (2012) Cesarean Delivery and Urinary retention associated with spinal morphine. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. Article in Press.

Grant Activity:

Costello, J. (2011) SORT (Standing Orders for Routine Testing) Study: Perception of Nurses, Physicians, and Patients of Nursing-initiated Standing Orders for HIV Testing Among Inpatients. Sigma Theta Tau Research Grant, funded, $1,000.
Murphy, J. & Deckro, J. (2011). CPRS Training & Education: Building upon the Innovation Sandbox. VHA Employee Innovation Competition, funded $380,140.12.
Padula, C. (2011) Sub-award as RIC PI, RIGEC, funded $23,000.
Padula, C. (2011) Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship (AENT), Health Resources and Services Administration, funded $14,039.
Williams, J. (2011) Inter-professional Education, RI Foundation, funded $29,000.
Williams, J. (2012) Professional Development Specialist/ Nurse Faculty, Rhode Island Hospital, 5 year project, funded $704,956.
Williams, J. & Carty, A. (2012) Gerontology Institute, Veterans Administration, funded $72,500. 


Lynn Blanchette. Outstanding Graduate Student in Community Health/Public Health Nursing Award. Association of Community Health Nursing Educators, April 2012
Nancy Blasdell & Annette Griffin. Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) Education Consortium Institute, selected participants, Seattle, Washington, September, 2011
Anne E. S. Carty. Educator of the Year in an Academic Setting. Rhode Island State Nurses Association, April 2012
Anne E. S. Carty & Michelle Siskind. Edmond J. Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty Program (VNF), selected participants, Boston University, June, 2012
Joanne Costello. National League for Nursing Scholarly Writing Conference, invited participant, Indianapolis, Indiana, March 2012
Anita M. Creamer. President’s Award. Rhode Island State Nurses Association, 2012
Kristen Kichefski. APNA Janssen Student Scholarship Award, American Psychiatric Nurses Association, July 2011


J. Aflague reviewed manuscripts for McMaster University.
M. Byrd reviewed a manuscript for Public Health Nursing.
C. Creamer reviewed Hockenberry & Wilson, Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing.  
A. Griffin reviewer for Lippincott & Wilkins, Morton Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach.
M. Mock Reviewed two manuscripts for Heart & Lung.
D. Servello reviewer for F.A. Davis, Holloway Physical Assessment Check Off Notes.
D. Servello Item writer for National Council of State Board of Nursing NCLEX-RN Examinations
M. Siskind reviewed for McGraw Hill Publishers, Clinical Nursing Calculations.

JW/July 2012​

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