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VA Nursing Academic Partnership (VANAP)

The Providence VA Medical Center (PVAMC) and the Rhode Island College School of Nursing (RICSON) VA Nursing Academic Partnership (VANAP).

VANAP Co-directors:

Diane Gerardi, PVAMC
Patricia Calvert, RICSON

PBNR Coordinator:

Sandra Shaw, PVAMC

Undergraduate Clinical Coordinator:

Sheri Boucher, RICSON

Download the Post Baccalaureate Nurse Residency (PBNR) brochure for 2020-2021

Opportunities for Student Nurses:

Providence VA Medical Center

The Providence VA Medical Center (PVAMC) is a 73-bed facility that provides tertiary medical, surgical and psychiatric care and a full range of outpatient services. The PVAMC Mission is to honor America's Veterans by providing exceptional healthcare that improves their health and well being.  The organization’s vision is to continue to be the benchmark of excellence and value in healthcare and benefits by providing exemplary services that are both Veteran-centered and evidence-based.

Mission of the VA Nursing Academic Partnership

Inspired to develop a strong academic practice model, nursing leaders of the Providence VA Medical Center (PVAMC) and the Rhode Island College School of Nursing (RICSON) formalized a partnership to address the serious shortage of registered nurses and nurse educators in 2008. The partnership has developed into a comprehensive partnership program to transform nursing education and practice. The partnership members include nursing leaders, faculty, staff, and students. The partnership is founded on a profound shared mission: serving vulnerable populations, promoting nursing excellence, and providing high quality health care.  The mission is embodies in the following programs:

Undergraduate Nursing Courses:

Undergraduate courses through the VANAP partnership at the Providence VA Medical Center , offered every fall and spring:

NURS 340 – Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (Clinical)
NURS 370 – Public and Community Health Nursing (Clinical)
NURS 375- Transition to Professional Nursing (Clinical)

Undergraduate courses through the VANAP partnership at the Rhode Island Veterans Home in Bristol, Rhode Island
NURS 223 – Fundamentals of Nursing Practice (Clinical)

Graduate nursing courses available by arrangement.

Providence VA Medical Center (PVAMC) PBNR Program

Providence VA Medical Center (PVAMC) PBNR Program is a program designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and guidance to BSN graduates in their FIRST RN role. The PBNR program at PVAMC is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The PBNR Program has been accredited since 2016.ccne accredited logo

PBNR Mission and Goals Statement:  The mission of the PVAMC Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency program is to support the transition of the entry-level, advanced beginner nurse to a competent, confident professional nurse.  This is accomplished in partnership with Rhode Island College School of Nursing (RICSON) with the goal of preparing nurses to provide safe, high quality care for our nation’s Veterans. The specific goals of the program for the new graduate nurse upon completion of the residency are:

  1. Successful transition to competent nurse
  2. Competency in effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance
  3. Competency in clinical leadership at the point of care
  4. Strong commitment to nursing as a career choice
  5. Incorporates research-based evidence into professional practice
  6. Formulates an individual career development

If interested, contact Sandra Shaw @ before March 1st for an application.​​​​

Page last updated: October 05, 2020