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Marianne Raimondo
​Executive Director

Tonya Glantz
(401) 456-4626

Julianne Hanavan
Project Director
(401) 456-6360

Sarah Lawrence
Director, Community Health Worker Association of RI
(401) 456-9039

Norma Hardy
On-site Project Director of RIC-COEXIST
(401) 456-8708

Main Office:
(401) 456-9040
Alger Hall 243​

Institute for Education in Healthcare

Through the Institute for Education in Healthcare, Rhode Island College intends to become a regional model for training current and future healthcare professionals. The partnership is focused on collaborative, interdisciplinary, patient-centered methods of care delivery that have a strong potential for improving health outcomes and reducing costs for all Rhode Islanders. 

The institute plans to serve state and regional students, practitioners, healthcare organizations and consumers by:

  1. Providing cross-disciplinary, interprofessional education and learning.
  2. Facilitating collaborative programming with other institutions, businesses and stakeholders in the healthcare community.
  3. Expanding opportunities for internal collaboration among RIC students, faculty and administrators in healthcare administration, nursing, social work, community health and wellness, psychology and outreach programs. 
  4. Developing and evaluating pilot programs in health and healthcare training and practice, while fostering innovative thinking and collaborations in integrated models of care delivery.
  5. Convening healthcare, community and public health representatives, as well as employers, policymakers, funders and consumer representatives, in order to identify the workforce needs of area employers and address them with targeted and informed healthcare training programs.

As a public, comprehensive college with a long tradition of educating and training the state’s workforce, RIC is uniquely positioned to partner with the state’s healthcare industry in developing, educating and training the healthcare workforce of tomorrow. 

RIC’s more than 30 health-related programs encompass undergraduate and graduate-level programs in nursing, social work and other fields, as well as certificate programs for entry-level paraprofessionals.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Marianne Raimondo at (401) 456-6359 or email for information on existing educational programs,customized training and new partnership opportunities.  ​

Page last updated: February 12, 2018