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Disability Verification Documentation: In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Disability Services Center maintains the confidentiality of registered students' Disability Verification Documentation and will NOT release any part of the documentation without the student's written consent.

Registration and Accommodation Information: In order to begin the accommodation process, students with disabilities must sign a Release of Information form.

  • By signing the Release, students authorize the Disability Services Center to confirm to Rhode Island College Faculty and Staff whether the student is registered with the office and which relevant accommodations may be required.
  • The Disability Services Center will only provide Off-Campus persons (i.e. family members, doctors, case workers, etc.) with information regarding a student if written authorization to communicate with the person is given on the Release of Information form.

Extraordinary Circumstances: In some circumstances, in order to assist a student with a disability, it is necessary to share certain otherwise confidential information with on or off campus persons whom the Disability Services Center deems have a "need to know." This will not be done, absent extraordinary circumstances, without the student's permission.

Transcripts: The use of reasonable accommodations is not recorded on a student's official college transcript.

Disposal of Confidential Information: The Disability Services Center will shred all information on file after five (5) years of no contact with a registered student.​

Page last updated: November 06, 2015