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​Bachelor of Liberal Studies

​The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree is an ideal choice for students whose intellectual interests do not fall neatly into a traditional department or discipline. In consultation with the program director, students develop a plan of study that incorporates courses from multiple disciplines relating to a topic or theme chosen by the student. In the senior seminar, the student completes a paper or project that ties their coursework together.

For instance, a student might use the social sciences, literature, history and the natural sciences to investigate the role of the sea in shaping Rhode Island. Or, the student might use insights from art, the social sciences, history and philosophy to examine the role of art in social and political protest. Sciences, geography, economics, and political science might be used to study the infrastructure crisis in the U.S.. The potential topics are limited only by the interests and imagination of the student.

As with all liberal arts majors, the precise topic is not more important than the set of skills that the student acquires in the course of study. All liberal arts majors are designed to develop analytical and critical reasoning skills, effective oral and written communication, and, in most cases, quantitative skills. These are the “transferrable skills” that can be applied in a variety of contexts, and are the skills that are prized by employers in all areas of business, industry, and public service. Thus, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies is an eminently practical degree.

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Page last updated: July 07, 2020