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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a student use Health Services even if they do not carry the student health insurance?

A: Any student, undergraduate or graduate, living in the residence halls or a commuter, may use Health Services, regardless of insurance status.

Q: Is there a charge for services?

A: There is no charge for on-site exams and lab tests completed in Health Services. If additional lab testing or x-rays are needed, your insurance company will be billed by the outside agency performing the tests.

Q: Does Health Services share records with any other office on campus or are parents notified when their son/daughter is ill?

A: Due to strict federal and state privacy laws, the staff of Health Services is unable to release any information without specific, written consent from the student. This does not mean that we do not want to hear from parents or cannot discuss general issues that do not violate confidentiality. We do encourage parents to call if they have concerns and are able to discuss specific issues with the student’s written permission

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to be seen in Health Services?

A: Visits are available on an appointment basis. Acute care or illness visits are generally scheduled for the same day. Urgent issues are seen immediately.

Q: Why has Health Services blocked me from registering for classes?

A: If there is an immunization block on your registration, you have not supplied Health Services with immunization information required by the Rhode Island Department of Health for full-time students in colleges and universities. Call Health Services at 456-8055 for assistance in meeting these requirements.

Q: Does Health Services offer testing for STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases?)

A: STD testing is part of an evaluation done for sexual health concerns or routine screening. The specimen(s) are collected in Health Services and sent to our contract lab for processing. Your insurance company will be billed by the lab for these services.

Q: Can I obtain immunizations from Health Services?

A: Once you are a student on campus you may obtain vaccines through Health Services.   Additional information about cost and availability of vaccines can be obtained by calling Health Services at 456-8055. Tuberculosis (TB) testing for nursing students and student teachers is available by appointment at no cost.

Page last updated: November 06, 2015