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Carol Cummings

photo of Carol Cummings The Murray Center (MC) 132
(401) 456-8046

Academic Background

Carol Cummings, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Health Education, is the Coordinator for the Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Wellness (CHW) and the Masters of Health Education programs of study at Rhode Island College. 

  • Her educational background includes a baccalaureate and masters in Community Health and Research Methodology, and a Ph.D. in Health Education with a minor in Educational Psychology.
  • She also holds a certificate in Maternal and Child Health from Boston University School of Public Health. 

Courses Taught

HPE 101 Human Sexuality
HPE 221 Nutrition
HPE 300 Concepts of Teaching
HPE 303 Community Health
HPE 406 Program Development in Health Promotion
HPE 426 Seminar in Community Health
HPE 429 Internship in Community Health
HPE 530 Sex and Family Life Education
HPE 562 Seminar in Health Education

Dr. Cummings serves on the Rhode Island College Institute for Education in Healthcare executive committee, COEXIST curriculum committee and is Co-chair of the Age Friendly RI Food and Nutrition Workgroup. Dr. Cummings has presented at both state and national conferences on effective strategies to promote health and well being for all populations, and is published in scholarly journals. Dr. Cummings work is focused on planning and implementing culturally responsive, authentic, and engaging community and public health education, and promotion efforts that support health literacy, self-efficacy, and healthy outcomes for all populations.


Grants Awarded

  • Healthy Initiatives Evaluation Grant, RI Department of Education. ($20,000). Cummings, C. & Pepin, K.  Examination of Data Sources that Support Sexual Health in Rhode Island Youth (2018).
  • Future of Sex Education Grant. ($1500). Cummings, C., Fisher, C., & Hoopis, L.  Application of Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexual Health Education to a Graduate Course.
  • Rhode Island College Center for Research and Creative Activity, Grant. ($1500).  Cummings, C. & Fisher, C.   Community Health and Wellness students Utilization of iPads to Implement College Health Needs Assessments.

Grant Work

  • Age Friendly RI Grant (Tufts Health Plan Grant) : Co-chair Food and Nutrition Workgroup (2016-Present)
  • RIC COEXIST Grant (HIV Student Intensive Case Management Teams): Curriculum Development (2016-Present)
  • Real Jobs Grant: Community Health Worker Curriculum Development and Training (2016-Present)


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Professional Peer Reviewed Presentations

Cummings, C., & Fisher, C. (October, 2017). Building Teacher Candidates Confidence to Successfully Teaching Sexual Health. American School Health National Conference, St. Louis, MI.

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Certifications and Memberships

  • CHES, Certified Health Education Specialist
  • Rhode Island Public Health Association
  • Society of Public Health Education
  • American School Health Association​​

Page last updated: May 21, 2018