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Charles Roy

Building 2 (B2) 121
(401) 456-8038
(401) 456-9662

Academic Background

Sc.B. in Mathematics (1973), Brown University
M.A. in Mathematics (1977), Rhode Island College
Ph.D. in Mathematics (1986), University of New Hampshire
M.S. in Applied Statistics (1997), University of Rhode Island

Courses Taught

MATH 10 Basic Mathematics Competency
MATH 139 Contemporary Topics in Math
MATH 177 Quantitative Bus Analysis I
MATH 181 Applied Basic Math
MATH 200 Finite Math for Comp Sci
MATH 209 Precalculus Mathematics
MATH 212 Calculus I
MATH 213 Calculus II
MATH 240 Statistical Methods I
MATH 248 Business Statistics I
MATH 441 Introduction To Probability
MATH 445 Statistical Methods II


Hilbert space operator theory: operator ranges, C*-algebras
Statistics: Linear models, bootstrapping ​

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