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Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a unified messaging utility which brings together instant message chat and video communications. In Skype for Business, you can send messages and use voice and video to communicate with others, as well as utilize screen sharing for video conferencing and remote presentations. Skype for Business is currently available for Windows PCs. Lync is still available for Mac computers, iOS and Android devices and on the web via the Lync Web App.Office 2016 has been released for PC and MAC users. Skype for Business will be included in the Office 2016 software for PCs. MAC users will still need to install Skype for Business Lync separately from the Office 2016 install.

Adobe PDF How to install Skype for Business (Lync) on a Mac

Helpful Step by Step Guides

How to Schedule a Skype Event in Your Office 365 Calendar App

Adobe PDF How to Join the Skype for Business Instant Messaging Session Without Having a Mic

Adobe PDF How to Join the Skype for Business Instant Messaging Session in Any of the RIC Labs

Adobe PDF How to Setup Your Lync Application on a MAC so You Can Join a Skyp for Business Online Session

Adobe PDF How to Setup Your Lync Browser App on a MAC so You Can Join a Skyp for Business Online Session

Adobe PDF How to Join a Skype for Business Session from the Calendar Event

Adobe PDF How to View Your Skype for Business Conversation History - If you are using a MAC to join the Skype for Business session, the Conversation History will not be saved in your Conversation History area within your Office 365 Outlook app. The Conversation History is only saved when you are using a PC.

How to Use Skype for Business for Your Virtual Hours?



Question: How do I install Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business)?

Step by step instructions on how to install Microsoft Lync (Skype for Business) on my PC


Question: What are 7 quick tips most people ask for?

7 quick tips PDF file

*You will see these tips when you open Skype for Business for the first time.


Question: Are there benefits to using Skype for Business instead of email?

Skype for Business is not a replacement for email, but can be used to share documents and communicate through text messages. Key benefits to Skype for Business instead of email include:

  • Face to face communication - Have a quick conversation or an hour long meeting with colleagues, whether they are on campus or not.
  • Are you there - Skype for Business has a "presence" feature, you can set to indicate to others whether you are "Away", "Busy", or "Offline", allowing others to quickly discern your availability.
  • Instant messaging - Faster and more direct that email, communications sent via instant messaging display in the Skype for Business window, which can prevent the information from being overlooked in a crowded email Inbox.


Question: Can I invite someone outside of RIC to a Skype for Business conference?

Yes you can. Meeting invitees can join a Skype for Business conference using a web browser. The Lync (Skype for Business) Web App allows individuals without a Skype for Business account to participate in an online meeting.


Question: How to setup a Skype session in your Office 365 Calendar app using a contact list?

Step by step guide



Question: How do I switch form one program to another during my Skype for Business session?

Step by step guide

Note: The above guide shows you how to do the following:

  • Start a meeting
  • Start recording
  • Add participants
  • Present desktop
  • Switch programs when you are using one monitor or two monitors
  • Stop recording
  • Stop presenting
  • End meeting


Question: How do I locate my Skype for Business recordings?

Step by step guide


Microsoft Helpful Links

Get Started

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Find Someone

Outside Link Add a contact from your organization or the Skype directory

Send an IM

Outside Link Set your instant messaging options (IM)

Outside Link Send an IM

Call Someone

Outside Link Make and receive a video call

Meet and Share

Outside Link Set up a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook 2013

Outside Link Join a Skype for Business meeting

Outside Link Don't see the program you want to present?

Set up Audio

Outside Link Set up and test Skype for Business audio and video




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