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COVID-19 Response

The Unity Center wants to stay connected to our students during this time, and we know how important it is to have virtual spaces to connect with your peers, ask questions, and just have human connection.

There are three distinct ways we think we can do this:


A primary purpose of the Unity Center is to offer a space to build and share in community. During this time of “social distancing” the need for community is even greater.

  • Unity Center Youtube channel (Unity Center RIC) where you can find segments on taking care of your hair, self-care, and playlists.
  • We will have virtual group karaoke sessions, movie nights, and zoom calls to connect with others in playful ways. Check our social media sites for more information @unitycenterric

Social Justice Opportunities/Literature

The coronavirus has surfaced a number of fundamental shortcomings, including food insecurity, financial insecurity, healthcare disparities, and homelessness. Additionally, it has raised larger, existential questions of climate change and the health of the Earth. The Unity Center would like to offer opportunities, readings, and resources that allow students to engage in this discussion in their own community. There are some resources and links for faculty as well. Please check back regularly as these will be updated as more comes out.

Readings, curriculum, and resources


Everyday there are lists of resources being made available to communities as we navigate a new online world of learning, services, and connecting. Below are a list of resources on campus, and in the Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts communities where a majority of our students come from. Please check back regularly as these will be updated as more comes out.

Page last updated: March 24, 2020