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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages & Bilingual Education

Better Serve Emergent Bilingual Students in your Classroom and School​​​

RIC offers programming to prepare teachers for ESL Certification, Bilingual/Dual Language Certification, and ESL Specialist/Consultant Certification. Come study with us!​

Admission requirements for TESOL and Bilingual Education

RIC’s M.Ed. and Certification Programs in TESOL and Bilingual Education prepare teacher candidates to work with students who are learning English as an additional language in both ESL and Bilingual Education settings. Become an ESL teacher, a Bilingual teacher or teach English internationally. Work in Rhode Island or anywhere in the world where students of all ages are learning English as an additional language. Our program prepares you to teach ESL to children, adolescents and/or adults and, for PreK-12 practitioners, assists you in obtaining the ESL Certificate or Bilingual/Dual Language Certificate.

Please note that the TESOL Program accepts applications for March 1st for fall admission and November 1st for spring admission, but students are allowed to take up to three courses prior to matriculating into a program. APPLY HERE!

K-12 Special Education teachers who work with emergent bilinguals might also be interested in the Urban Multicultural Special Education Program​.​

Interested in pursuing ESL Specialist/Consultant Certification? ESL Certified teachers with a Master’s Degree and at least three years’ experience working with emergent bilinguals can prepare for this ESL Specialist/Consultant Certification by taking TESL 6OO ESL Program Supervision. We offer this course every spring. To apply to join this class, please email your resume to the TESOL Program Director.​

CHANGE THE CONVERSATION WITH US: Watch the clip below to hear Congressman Langevin credit RIC's Dr. Sarah Hesson for helping him better celebrate RI's bilingual population by shifting away from the term "English Learners" and to "Emergent Bilinguals."

Congressman Langevin's Remarks on Emergent Bilinguals 12/12/18​

​Bipartisan Legislation will Improve Teaching for English Learners  - ​Congressman Jim Langevin 2/12/2019​​​​

"Doubling Up on Language in Pawtucket Schools" - June 17, 2020

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