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The following study abroad program providers: AIFS, API, CAPA, CIS, SIT, and TEAN give preferential status to Rhode Island College students. Check out their websites and note the financial incentives that are provided by these programs to RIC students. For additional program providers you are encouraged to search the internet and consult with the Study Abroad Director. Also, see the “Links to Helpful Resources” section for specific study abroad search engines.

AIFS – American Institute for Foreign Study AIFS will provide a grant of $400 for each student enrolling in an academic semester program and $200 for each student enrolling in a summer program.
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API – Academic Programs International API offers need and merit based scholarships ranging from $250 - $1,000. Students can download an application on the API website: www.apistudyabroad/scholarships. Rhode Island College students may also be eligible for additional API scholarships. Please contact the RIC Study Abroad Office for more information.
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CAPA International Education CAPA provides a $600 scholarship to students on a CAPA semester program and a $300 scholarship to students on a summer program.
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CIS – Center for International Studies CIS will provide a $250 discount per student accepted to a semester program (including semester-long internships) and a $100 discount per student accepted to a short-term study or internship program.
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SIPN – Study in Portugal Network (SIPN) will provide RIC participants with a $500 scholarship.
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SIT Study Abroad – Each year, SIT awards more than $1 million in scholarships and grants to SIT Study Abroad students. Many SIT scholarships and grants are available for both terms of study: semester and summer. Individual awards generally range from $500 to $5,000. SIT matches Federal Pell Grant funding for all SIT semester programs.
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TEAN – The Education Abroad Network

TEAN will provide a $300 scholarship to each RIC student attending a full semester program. Also, TEAN no longer has application fees. It's free to apply to any of their programs.
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Direct Partners 

The following two study abroad programs give preferential status to Rhode Island College students and offer financial incentives. 

The Umbra Institute – The Umbra Institute is located in the central Italian city of Perugia, a big college town in a small Italian city. The Institute offers courses in over thirty disciplines. Students can either build their own curriculum (view courses) or enroll in specific concentrations like the Multicultural Psychology Program (MPP) and Food & Sustainability Studies Program (recommended for Environmental Studies majors), as well a number of classes in Education. The Institute will provide grants of $1,250 for semester programs and $500 for summer programs.

ISI Florence – Located in the heart of Florence, Italy. ISI offers courses in a wide variety of disciplines (click to view​) allowing students to build their own curriculum. It is especially strong for students of Art and Art History, Communication, and STEM. ISI will provide a grant of $1,000 per student per semester and $300 per student for summer programs. See the ISI website.   ​

Page last updated: February 04, 2020