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Mission Statements for
Student Success Offices and Centers

Mission Statement - Center for Scholar Development

The Center for Scholar Development creates educational pathways in an affirming environment for first generation scholars in their pursuit of post-secondary success. The Upward Bound Program, Preparatory Enrollment Program (PEP) and McNair Scholars Program values the diversity of individual experiences and provides holistic support to students through advising, summer programs, research opportunities, and community building.

Mission Statement - College Health Services

The mission of Rhode Island College Health Services is to provide confidential and holistic primary health care to enhance the academic potential of our students. Each student encounter is an opportunity to educate about prevention and risk reduction to promote life-long healthy choices. Health Services is committed to providing high quality, accessible and cost effective services in a non-judgmental atmosphere that values diversity and respects individuality.

Mission Statement - Counseling Center

The mission of the Counseling Center is to help students fully to develop their intellectual, emotional, and social potential, and to alleviate the distress and conflicts which may interfere with that development by providing high quality, professional psychological services.

Mission Statement - Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation

A Rhode Island College education is concerned with the development of the "total person" - intellectually, physically, psychologically and socially.

The primary objective of the Rhode Island College Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramural and Recreation Program is to provide members of the College community with the opportunity to participate in, at the level of choice, a broad based program which enhances their academic, cultural and social growth. The intercollegiate athletics, intramurals and recreation programs are an integral component of the College's educational process. The College recognizes that the educational benefits offered through diverse athletic and physical activities play a critical role in the personal development of those who wish to participate.

The College is committed in its support of providing the best possible intercollegiate athletic experience for its student-athletes as they represent not only the College, but the State of Rhode Island in their pursuit of excellence. The College is equally committed in its support of programming for the entire student body through its recreation and intramural program.

In addition to serving the College community, the department, through its programs, facilities and personnel, endeavors to bring a positive image of Rhode Island College to prospective students, alumni and the community at large.

Mission Statement - Learning for Life

Learning for Life, is a multi-faceted collaboration of community and college partnership. Learning for Life (L4L) links students to a wide range of services, supports, and opportunities that fortify them for college success and remove any challenges and obstacles that may prevent education from remaining a priority in their lives.​​

Mission Statement - Military Resource Center

The Military Resource Center at Rhode Island College (MRC/RIC), established in November 2009, serves as a resource hub for all military-connected students (active duty, National Guard, retired, veteran, and family members) who wish to attend or are attending Rhode Island College (RIC). Its mission:

  1. Introduce and assist military-connected veterans in considering the value of enrolling in RIC programs of study;
  2. Provide information and assistance to initiate and access educational benefits;
  3. Support military-connected students to be successful graduates.

Mission Statement - Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life provides programs, services, and co-curricular experiences that enhance student success. Our efforts promote an inclusive community and the development of leadership, critical thinking, global awareness, self-advocacy, career decision-making and job search skills. The Office of Student Life also improves the quality of student life by addressing students' needs and issues and works to maintain student safety.

Mission Statement - PEP Program

The Preparatory Enrollment Program's mission is to admit, retain and graduate a select number of low income, first generation students who are in need of academic support. The Program is an integral part of the total educational environment of the College.

The Preparatory Enrollment Program provides opportunities for academic development, assists RI residents who are first generation, low income individuals with basic Rhode Island College requirements while serving to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education. The goal is to increase college retention and graduation rates.

Mission Statement - Residential Life & Housing

The Office of Residential Life and Housing at Rhode Island College is dedicated to providing an open and respectful environment that is caring, positive and safe.

Through a student centered approach to learning that values shared responsibility, empowerment and leadership; our staff strives to inspire personal growth and academic success.

Our office is represented by a diverse and educated professional staff committed to providing students with the highest level of quality and efficiency through continued professional development and a proactive approach to problem solving.

By building a supportive community that celebrates creativity and diversity, our goal is to provide lasting connections that instill a commitment to leadership and citizenry.

Mission Statement - Student Union

The Student Union is the hub of the College for all the members of the community – students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, and guests. It is more than a building; it is also an organization and a program which complements the academic experience and contributes to student success. As the gathering place for the college community, the Student Union provides activities, services, and a value-added component of extended advisement and support outside the classroom. (Spring 2011)

Mission Statement - Upward Bound Program

The Rhode Island College Upward Bound Program is designed to instill in low-income, potential first-generation college students the skills and motivation to complete high school and to enter and graduate from college. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the high school and college graduation rates of program participants. Upward Bound is committed to providing equal access and opportunity to students from specific target high schools who meet federal eligibility requirements. The program enhances the intellectual, emotional, character and motivational development of each participant by offering rigorous academic instruction, counseling, support services, and an environment that recognizes individual differences and academic potential. ​​​​

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