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Observation of Religious Holidays or Request an Extended Absence

Students are encouraged to attend all class meetings and are responsible for all class work and assignments. While this is stated, at times, students may face circumstances that result in them needing to be away from the classroom setting for a temporary or extended period of time. In such instances, students may contact the Office of Student Life to request assistance. The Office of Student Life can assist student with excused absence requests. The following outlines situations in which the Office of Student Life may authorize a college-excused absence.

Extended Class Absence

All students who incur an extended absence (five consecutive days or more) should contact the Office of Student Life (401-456-8061 or​) so that a notice can be sent to the student’s instructors. Please be advised that this serves as a notification only. Instructors have the discretion to grant or not grant an unexcused absence. View more information regarding absences HERE.

Students who have class absences must take the initiative in meeting with the instructor to determine what, if any, work can be made up. Students should consult with their instructors about all class absences to discuss any missed class time, tests, or assignments. Excused absences should not lower a student’s course grade, provided that the student, in a manner determined by the instructor, is able to make up the work that has been missed and is maintaining satisfactory progress in the course.

Observation of Religious Holidays

Students missing classes, exams, or coursework due to an observance of religious holidays must be allowed to make up the outstanding work without academic penalty. Students are required to inform their instructors of their plans to observe a religious holiday in advance, so that the instructor and student have sufficient time to plan for any necessary alternative arrangements. View more information regarding observation of religious holidays HERE.

If you have questions regarding a College Excused Absence, please contact the Office of Student Life for more information.​

Page last updated: July 02, 2020