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Student Organizations Resources

Rhode Island College
Student Organization Registration for Existing Groups

There are two parts to student organization registration at Rhode Island College: College recognition through Student Activities and Student Community Government, Inc. recognition..

In regards to Institutional Recognition, all stud​ent organizations wishing to utilize the services of Rhode Island College must complete the registration process each year. This process was developed to provide consistent guidelines and expectations for all student organizations utilizing the Rhode Island College name and to align said organizations with the rules, regulations and laws of Rhode Island College, and the State of Rhode Island. Furthermore, it ensures that student organizations are aware of the event planning process, as well as the services of the Office of Student Activities, to help pave the way for successful program outcomes.

In order to be officially recognized by Rhode Island College, student organizations must complete the following steps:

  • Log into and go to Student Organizations (on the right-hand side, under Other Student Links).
    • Search for your student organization and select the appropriate academic year.  Either enter the student ID number of each officer OR search using first and/or last name. 
    • Search for your advisor using first and/or last name.  If your organization has more than one advisor, select the plus (+) button to add a second advisor. 
    • Once you have entered all of the information, press Save.  You will receive a confirmation email from Student Activities confirming the receipt of the information. 
  • Keep your myRIC officer information accurate by submitting any changes in officers or advisors.
  • Meet with either the Program Coordinator, Student Activities, or a designated Student Activities staff member, to review College policies and officer responsibilities.

Recognition through Student Activities entitles organizations to the following privileges:

  • Reserve space and services on campus through RIC Rooms
  • Use of campus resources including ticket sales, supplies from Student Union 408, AV equipment, and other benefits
  • Participate in Campus Activities Day and Spring Activities Fair
  • Apply for office space in the Student Union and Ducey Media Center
  • Utilize the services of SA Event Promotions
  • Listed in the Student Organization Directory maintained by Student Activities
  • Have a mailbox in the Student Union Welcome & Information Center
  • Receive an e-mail account
  • Use the Rhode Island College name in association with your organization
  • Event planning support and assistance from Student Activities

Along with yearly organization registration, updates to officer information, and meeting with staff from Student Activities, student organizations must uphold the following responsibilities in order to maintain receipt of the above privileges:

  • Members represent themselves and the organization in a manner and behavior that is consistent with the policies, procedures, and reputation of Rhode Island College
  • Check student organization mailboxes and email accounts on a regular basis to receive important announcements
  • Follow all College, local, state, and federal laws governing student organization-related activities
  • Adhere to the guidelines detailed in the organization's constitution

In regards to Student Community Government, Inc. Recognition, organizations must complete additional requirements including meeting with the SCG Treasurer to review financial policies, signing President and Treasurer Affidavits, submitting a signed Advisor Agreement, and keeping an updated constitution on file.  For more information on SCG requirements and recognition, visit Outside Link, call (401) 456-8088, email, or go to Student Union 401.  SCG recognition is necessary for funding eligibility and financial account management, inclusion in the Storgy Awards, and other benefits.

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Rhode Island College Student Organization Registration for New Groups

Once your organization has completed the tasks outlined in Steps for Starting a New Student Organization and received Student Community Government, Inc. Parliament approval, the following process guides the establishment of various College services for the organization.

  • Submit your officer contact information through the online form.
  • Meet with a Student Activities staff member to review policies related to student organizations; a staff member will contact you to set up a meeting upon receipt of the online form.
  • See Outside Link Student Community Government, Inc. to complete financial paperwork and set up a billing account.
  • Bring or email the billing account number to Mike Giacalone, Interim Assistant Director, Student Activities in Student Union 408 in order to start the process for setting up an organization email account and RIC Rooms access.
  • Student Activities will submit a request to User Support Services to set up an organization email account.  Once this account is established, you will be sent the username and password.
  • After the email account is set up, Student Activities will submit a request to Management Information Services (MIS) to grant access to RIC Rooms.  Once access is granted, you will be sent a notification email.  Please note that while you are waiting for access to be granted, your advisor can log into RIC Rooms to make space reservations on the organization's behalf.  

Student Activities appreciates your patience during this process!  It can take at least a month to complete the entire process.  To speed things up, make sure to submit  officer information, complete the SCG financial paperwork, and meet with Student Activities as soon as possible.

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Starting a New Student Organization

If you would like to start a new student organization at Rhode Island College, please go to the section on Campus Involvement Opportunities for a description of the process.

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Policies and Guidelines

The below tip sheets provide important information on student-organization related policies and guidelines for successful organization management.  Each student organization receives a USB drive with a copy of these tip sheets, as well as forms and templates, at the beginning of each academic year.

  • SA Event Promotions: info on SA Event Promotions, email distribution lists, student media outlets, printing, copying, and posting
  • Catering: for information on catering services from Donovan Dining Center, check out the Catering GuidePlease note that as of Spring 2013, bake sales are no longer permitted at Rhode Island College.
  • Event Planning: tips and checklist for planning successful events
    • For a a full outline of event planning guidelines, including resources for providing accessible accommodations, use the On Campus Event Checklist
  • Late Night Student Organization Event Policy: policy for planning events that end after 11pm in the Student Union
  • Outside LinkMovie Copyright Information: a link to SWANK Motion Pictures' webpage on copyright information
  • Organization Management Tools: info on running effective meetings, recruiting members, and team building activities
  • Registration Policies: requirements for annual registration for new and existing student organizations
  • Risk Management: guidelines for how to identify, assess, and address risk for student organization activities
  • Risk Management Guide:a full guide to managing risks. To view a training video on identifying and reducing risks for event planning, click Outside Link here.
  • Sign Language Interpreters: guidelines set by the Office of Disability Services and SCG on securing a sign language interpreter for your events
  • Space Reservations: space reservation and facilities policies, RIC Rooms tips, and contact info for space approvers
  • Student Union Resources: ticket sales, mailboxes, bulletin boards, SU Lobby table requests, office space, and staff directory
  • Travel: travel policy, trip planning checklist, waivers, transportation guidelines
  • Travel Abroad Guidelines:guidelines for your organization when traveling abroad

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Space Requests Through RIC Rooms

Rhode Island College is now using RIC Rooms (Event Management System) for space, catering, audio-visual, and event equipment reservations.  Student organizations will need to use their assigned group email account to log into RIC Rooms​.  If you do not know your organization's email address or password, contact the Student Union at 456-8034, Student Union 408.  Access the tutorials on RIC Rooms for detailed instructions on the system's features.


The below forms are intended for use by recognized student organizations to access resources and follow College procedures.

  • VIP Guest Policy: Student organizations, as well as College departments, are required to notify the College administration of visits to the College of VIP guests including government officials, presidents, chief executive officers (CEOs) ofinstitutions and private sector organizations, and other prominent members of the community.  The complete policy on VIP guests can be found at  To notify the administration of a VIP guest, submit the VIP Visitors Notification Form to Patti Nolin, Event Coordinator,, (401) 456-9854 , Welcome Center
  • Travel Registration FormThis form must be submitted to Student Activities in Student Union 408, along with the yellow copies of signed waivers for each participant, at least 3 working days before the trip.
  • Trip Fact Sheet Template: Use this template to provide important information to individuals who are attending your student organization's trip.
  • Box Office Ticket Printing Request Form: ​Submit this form to the Box Office in Roberts Hall to order the printing of professional-grade event tickets.  Organization's can also request that these tickets be sold at the Box Office.  For questions about the Box Office, call 456-8388 or e-mail Paul Cotter Please note that your organization will be charged a small fee for this service; consult Paul for pricing.
  • Incident Report FormUse this form to document situations that occur at your organization's event.  Submit completed forms to Student Union 408 and keep a copy for your records.
  • Goal Setting WorksheetUse this form to help your organization plan its initiatives for the semester.
  • On Campus Event ChecklistUse this worksheet to keep track of necessary tasks and planning progress.
  • Risk Management Matrix: Use this worksheet to assess how risky an event is.
  • Risk Management Assessment: Use this worksheet to identify and mitigate risks for your events.
  • Executive Board Officer Transition: Use this checklist and questionnaire to help the transition from one executive board to the next.  There is also a video with information on how to transition your executive board.

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Student Activities (SA) Marketing

SA Marketing is a student serves student organization in the creation and distribution of advertisements. These ads can be used on anything from your organization wants to market, from social media accounts to upcoming events.

The office is located in Student Union 435. You can contact SA Marketing​ at (401) 456-8806 or

Student Organization Orientation/Event Planning and Policy Training

At the beginning of the school year, each student organization must meet with either the Program Coordinator, Student Activities or a designated Student Activities Staff member to review the policies and procedures in event planning at the College, available resources, and student organization responsibilities. The organization president should attend this meeting, but another officer may go in their place. In addition, other officers and the organization's advisor are invited to attend.  To set up a meeting, call 456-2706.

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Training To Go!

Training To Go! is interactive training that is customized to meet the needs of your group.  We can work with you on a variety of topics including:

  • Team Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Recruiting New Members
  • Officer and Member Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Running a Meeting
  • Event Planning
  • Using RIC Rooms
    ...and more!

Training to Go! can be part of a regular meeting, an hour-long workshop, or a 4-6 hour retreat.  Check out our brochure! To schedule a training, fill out this Outside Link form.

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Student Organization Advisor Programs

Each semester Student Activities plans a series of programs designed to support and celebrate student organization advisors in their work with student groups.

Date Topic Time Location
Student Organization Advisor Lunch T.B.D.
Student Union 307​

Past Programs and Additional Resources:

Adobe PDFAdvisor ManualOutside Link

Information for New Student Organization Advisors
Outside LinkRisk Management for Student Organizations
Outside LinkAdvising Student Organizations an ACPA: College Student Educators International webinar. Enter a name and an e-mail to view.

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 Authorization Procedures for Raffles and BINGO

In order to run a raffle or BINGO game in which individuals pay to participate, you must get authorization from the Rhode Island State Police. The application and guidelines for raffle approval can be found at Outside Link Below are a few important excerpts from the guidelines.

Definition of Charitable Gaming

A game of chance is defined as any game wherein the element of chance predominates over the element of skill in the possibility of winning a prize, with pecuniary consideration being involved to participate. The elements of a game of chance are chance, a prize and consideration (or money) i.e. something put up.

The game must be conducted by a charitable organization. Only members of the organization can be involved in the control and management of the game. All proceeds, minus the expenses of the game, must be used for a charitable purpose. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to participate.

How to Obtain Authorization

An application fee of five dollars ($5.00) is required with each application for raffles or bingo's. Please enclose a check in that amount made payable to Rhode Island State Police when you submit your application.

If your organization wishes to conduct a raffle, you may obtain the raffle application from your local police department or from this web page. After you complete the application, send it to the chief of police in the city or town where the drawing will be held.

Charitable Gaming Unit – Rhode Island State Police
Phone: (401) 444-1147
FAX: (401) 444-1133

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Page last updated: May 18, 2020