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Letter From The President​

​Dear Members of the Rhode Island College Community,

Over the course of our nearly 164 years, Rhode Island College has remained steadfastly committed to quality, value and innovation as part of the teaching and learning enterprise. We regularly review our practices to adapt to changing student needs, community employment needs and higher education environmental factors.

RIC is one of the leading public colleges in the region and remains an important economic driver for Rhode Island. It is clear we do not need to reinvent ourselves to succeed. Through this three-year strategic plan, we will build on the impressive achievements of our past while setting a new course for the future.

For a college, the strategic planning process is often part practical planning and part imagination. The strategic pillars and goals outlined in this plan will guide us as we build an environment in which all our community members can flourish, while maintaining flexibility to meet the dynamic nature of higher education.

As we end this phase of the planning process, I am grateful to the many faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the college who came together to offer review, input and feedback. The strategy outlined in this plan has been well vetted and is widely supported among our community.

While the challenges addressing higher education nationally and locally are many, I am optimistic about RIC's future and excited for the opportunities that lie ahead!

Yours in Education,

Frank D. Sánchez

Page last updated: July 26, 2017