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In the fall of 2014, members of a Strategic Planning Committee, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members, began a year-long process of researching and shaping the institutional priorities for the 2015-2020 period. As part of this process over 100 objectives were identified and recommended for consideration into the final plan, “RIC Vision 2020.”​

In the spring of 2016, the Rhode Island Council on Postsecondary Education appointed Dr. Frank D. Sánchez as the 10th President of the college. As part of President Sánchez’s transition, he initiated a “listening tour” comprised of open forums, divisional meetings and small group discussions. During these forums he met with the chairs of the Strategic Planning Committee and recommended formulating a framework for prioritizing and distinguishing operational and strategic recommendations. 

As part of these conversations, there was broad agreement that the final strategic action items needed to be streamlined, resourced, measurable and reviewable while also ensuring clear lines of accountability. The intended outcome of these deliberations was to optimize the impact of “RIC Vision 2020” and develop an actionable plan with a three-year timeframe. This document represents the first draft of that work, “RIC Strategic Action Plan 2017 – 2020”.  Subsequent drafts will include implementation plans to provide greater detail as to measurable targets, timelines, assignments and resources (Appendix A).​​

Page last updated: July 26, 2017