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John A'Vant


John P. A'Vant is a retired member of the Rhode Island State Police and retired after 25-years of honorable service. Mr. A'Vant retired at the rank of detective lieutenant and spent nearly 17-years as a detective. As a member of the Rhode Island State Police, Mr. A'Vant handled many criminal investigations, including homicides, fatal car collisions, sexual assaults, domestic assaults, narcotic investigations, child molestations, felony assaults, robberies, juvenile crimes, and various types of financial crimes.

As a detective, Mr. A'Vant was assigned to the Adult Correctional Institution for nearly 5-years and tasked with handling all criminal investigations involving inmates, correctional staff, state hospital facilities, and the Rhode Island Training School for Youth.

Before retiring, Mr. A'Vant was federally deputized as a Special Duty United States Marshal and assigned to the Rhode Island Food & Drug Administration-Office of Criminal Investigations Task Force. The task force's primary mission was to investigate the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Federal Anti-Tampering Act and related federal and state criminal laws (e.g., pharmaceutical fraud, Internet fraud schemes, international drug smuggling conspiracies, illicit healthcare crimes).

After retiring, Mr. A'Vant was employed as a federal background investigator and worked for a federal contractor conducting national security and public trust background employment clearances. Currently, Mr. A'Vant is the President of the Rhode Island Guardians Association, a 501c 3, non-profit minority police organization, and a minority youth mentoring program. Mr. A'Vant has also been a member of the Rhode Island Commission on Prejudice and Bias (RICPB) for over 10-years.

Mr. A'Vant holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Rhode Island in Economics and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Roger Williams University in Administration of Justice. Mr. A'Vant also holds a Master of Science Degree from Salve Regina University in Administration of Justice with a concentration in Cybersecurity and Homeland Security.

Page last updated: August 31, 2020